Now I know that investing in pre-construction condos is not going to solve everyone's financial troubles (if only it did). But it can get you in the right space to make you successful overall. 1. Make Sure Your Finances Are Ready to Invest. The most important aspect to any major purchase you make is that your finances are ready. For example, if you don't have emergency savings and your money is in a checking account at 0.75% interest, then you definitely will not be able to afford the large down payment for a pre-construction condo. 2. Being Wealthy is all about Mindset. We all want to be wealthy, but how many of us truly live like we are wealthy? If you are driving a 15 year old vehicle and wearing clothes from Walmart or a bargain bin clothing store, then how can you truly be wealthy? 3. You need to Have a Plan. You must have a plan and map out the steps you will take to achieve the goal of successful condo investing. Without a plan, you will never be able to be successful at anything and especially not condo investing. 4. Know the market. One of the first things you should do as an investor is to educate yourself on the condo market. Understand what the average prices are for condos in your area are, know how much they have appreciated, and what they think they will appreciate in the coming year. 5. Don't focus on just one pre-construction developer. In order to be successful at condo investing, you need to have more than one option, so don't spend all of your time focused on one developer or company. 6. Know The Contracts & Real Estate Lingo. Most people think that when they hire a real estate agent that they are going to do all of the work for them, but this is not true at all. One of the things that makes my company so special is how we simplify the process for our clients and take away any stress from them. The reason we can do this is because we know how to read every contract and piece of paperwork that developers provide us with and know exactly where our clients interests lie. 7. Keep A Calendar & Schedule Everything Out In Advance: When people are looking for pre-construction condos for sale, they want to know exactly what their options are and what their schedule is for buying a certain number of units or properties over the next 12-24 months at different times throughout the year. I always say that being successful at anything is 80% execution, so if you can have all of this scheduled out in advance, then it makes things even easier to execute without forgetting anything or rushing through due diligence processes while time is running out on an opportunity. 8. Learn The Right Questions To Ask: There are a lot of questions that should be asked during due diligence processes before purchasing any property, whether it is a pre-construction condo or existing property you are purchasing which I have learned over time become very important in actually due diligence processes which I have learned over experience has been vital in preventing making costly mistakes when buying pre-construction condos or any other property for that matter in Ontario Canada . 9 . You Need An Investor Mentor: If you want to become a successful investor, then having someone who has achieved such a feat is essential in becoming successful yourself as well so don't waste any time trying to figure things out on your own when there are others who can help guide the way for you towards achieving your goals and reaching your financial independence sooner rather than later