Winnipeg Condos: The New Luxury Market

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In light of recent market volatility and increasing interest rates, investors may feel concerned how their investments might fare. However, condominium markets remain quite stable and continue to attract buyers looking to buy and sell units for profit purposes. Although there are no guarantees, there are some good signs that suggest investments could increase in popularity this upcoming summer.

What is a condominium?

The condo craze continues to explode across North America as Canadians turn towards living in high quality communities with amenities and services to match their lifestyles. Since 2014, demand for multi family developments continues to exceed supply at record levels due to pent up demand and soaring prices. From single family homes to townhouses, apartments and duplexes; the options are endless. We've done our own research and compiled resources from experts throughout the country to help give readers a thorough overview of each type of unit. Some common questions we often hear include: Are condos good investments? Why are developers building them instead of houses? Is there a trend toward smaller units? Can I rent my condo to other tenants? Should I wait until after construction was completed before starting house hunting?

The Winnipeg housing market

Winnipeg has seen strong population growth due to its central location as well as low unemployment rates compared to other Canadian provinces. Because these two factors combined are creating demand for living space, the city is experiencing record growth in new residential construction. While prices remain attractive throughout the region, high demand coupled with limited supply means buyers must act fast! If you plan to become a homeowner, now is definitely not the time to wait around. With a growing population, rising interest rates and a healthy economy, there will always be opportunities for profit in the future. It may feel like a risk waiting until the last second to decide whether or not to purchase a piece of land, however, the rewards could far outweigh the risks. When it comes to choosing a location for your business, one of the main concerns is security - making sure criminals don't steal the valuable equipment sitting on your premises. However, your building doesn't necessarily need special protection. Instead, focus on making certain that any areas surrounding your business are safe from thieves. For example, a fence around your parking area will help discourage anyone intent on stealing cars. Additionally, having lights on during evenings hours and placing signs near entryways will deter would-be burglars. Finally, installing motion detectors along exterior walls helps alert authorities in case anything moves against the wall when no one is around. One aspect of a business that isn't often thought of is branding itself or its products/services. Although it can seem obvious in hindsight, branding and logo design are extremely important aspects of establishing a solid identity among your target markets. Brand recognition allows individuals to relate themselves to particular businesses based on certain traits: like size, appearance, quality, etc. Once consumers recognize your name, logos, and services within certain boundaries, they'll associate those qualities with your company, thus increasing consumer loyalty. Businesses have different goals depending on their specific industry sector. Some companies seek to generate revenue whereas others prefer to minimize expenses.

The rise of the condo

After seeing tremendous growth over recent decades, the popularity of urban sprawl and detached housing was largely abandoned as modern technology allowed communities to be connected via the internet. Today, cities across North America, including big ones such as Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, are booming as residents flock to affordable neighbourhoods close to downtown cores. The rise of coopertowns has resulted in increased density in major metropolitan centres. These developments are generally found in desirable locations near public transit hubs and shopping districts. They combine apartments, townhomes and condo units in order to provide greater affordability and convenience. In addition to providing access to employment and entertainment venues, these new neighborhoods allow residents to enjoy nearby parks and green spaces in comfortable surroundings. They often feature walking paths, cycle lanes and street trees, giving families a pleasant walk or jog without having to worry about traffic noise or pollution. To capitalize on the trend towards smaller-scale living, developers are designing buildings with fewer floors to save costs. Many buildings are being created with three-, four- and even five-story designs instead of traditional layouts consisting only of towers above ground levels. By limiting the number of stories, owners and tenants reduce operating costs. Developers also realize that more compact floorplans encourage foot traffic flow and promote healthier lifestyles by allowing more light filtering down onto outdoor patios. In the past decade alone, Canada saw $1.3 billion invested in condo construction, according to Urbanation, a research division of Cushman & Wakefield which specializes in commercial real estate. "As the number of investors continues to grow," said Chris Ipken, managing director of the division, "we anticipate continued activity."

What you need to be looking for in a condo

There are two different kinds of condo projects: highrise and lowrise. Highrises consist of multiple residential towers, whereas lowrides tend to be much larger, typically ranging between 20-40 storeys tall. Both options offer advantages and disadvantages depending upon whether buyers are seeking long term investments or short term rentals. Highrise condominiums tend to cost more upfront due to the additional infrastructure required to construct each building. However, once complete, they can generate significantly more revenue per unit compared to lower rises, since there are less units and thus more space per tower. This also means that investors are paying less per square foot than they would for a traditional apartment project. On average, investors will receive around 5% more rent per month from a condo project that is 40 stories versus 30 stories, assuming the same size unit and comparable amenities. That extra monthly profit adds up fast if you own the entire building. Lowrise condominiums are usually constructed as a row of individual buildings rather than as a cluster of skyscrapers. Because they require far less land compared to their taller counterparts, they can often be purchased at a fraction of the price. Lowrises can range anywhere between 3-20 storeys tall, depending on location preferences and local zoning regulations.

Condo trends in Winnipeg

The trend towards increased density combined with new rules governing rental increases throughout our city is creating demand for a wide variety of options. From small walkups, large floorplans, and multiunit developments that include office space. Today's buyers have become increasingly concerned with having access to urban living close to downtown locations yet enjoy a quieter neighbourhood environment. They no longer simply seek proximity to major centres; instead, they prefer to live within communities that provide unique character and charm. These days, "walkable" is almost becoming synonymous with quality. With this shift, developers now understand the importance of providing higher-quality products - ones that promote health lifestyles and encourage interaction among neighbours. That said, there are other factors that affect profitability…

What to do now

So what does today hold for the future of building condos here in our city??… The answer lies somewhere between two extremes…..we must either focus on the supply side of things or the demand side of things. Which ever direction we go, I believe condos will always be around as long as there is a desire to own a unit and live near amenities….but I'm afraid that the latter will only go a little ways until condo supply catches up to current buyer demand……so I think we'll still have plenty of opportunities to profit from condo investments….at least during the foreseeable future…..

Check Out The latest Pre-Construction condos in Winnipeg