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Xondo allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best exclusive upcoming new home & condo developments in Cape Town. See more here...

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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Cape Town

Buy Luxury Pre-construction Condos & Property in Cape Town, South Africa from Xondo
Xondo launched in Cape Town, the premier South African city famous for the most breathtaking views and stunning coastline on the slopes of Table Mountain and framed by the majestic ocean. By having an investment property in one of the major cities on our platform, you will secure a wonderful enduring asset to enjoy across generations. Xondo have already secured access to some of the best upcoming luxury condo developments in cities in major cities Altinok Beaumont Chelsea Casablanca Chelsea Manhattan Chelsea Toronto Chelsea New York Columbus Gardens London Camden Cape Town Alarcon Chicago Myka Toronto Oakville Porto (Portugal) Poti Barcelona Picasso Sydney Trafalgar Vancouver W Amsterdam We have access to even more condo and property developments with exclusivity totaling over $4.4 billion dollars in value. Reach out for a link to learn more about prices so you can tailor a package that suits your needs.Xondo is an international real estate and property platform with access to some of the best pre-construction projects in the world. A curated platform where the top developers present their services and upcoming properties to reliable investors, we give you access to buy property before it is generally available to the public. Our platform is made for people who know exactly what they are looking for, which is why we give people VIP access, so that you can take advantage of opportunities quicker than others can. Our portal provides you with all the information that you need to make your decision easier. Our platform cuts out the individual middleman, so you only speak to developers that best suit your needs and your portfolio. Don't miss out on this opportunity; completely free of charge, you can find out how your investment could be worth rewarding returns at a special early bird presentation happening this week. Browse through our property portfolios today and buy a stake in beautiful developments across the country that provide you with an outstanding return on your investment!
Investors with Reservations, VIP Access to Top Upcoming Projects is here!
Xondo is an online place for investors to get access to some of the best future in-construction condo developments that are available. We offer investors get in on some of the hottest deals before any of the other investors can. With our site you can select from exciting projects flying off the shelves. Whether it is our featured project or something new and thrilling, you can go directly to the developer with your reservation and negotiate something that suits your finances and needs.Xondo allows investors to get VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments in Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary. With Xondo users have direct access to the developer that is selling their condo units and can choose between the various homes that you truly like. Users can go and do a virtual tour of the home or place their reservation for this upcoming condo advancement. This allows them to do something before anybody else can. Now you can feel good about getting in a condo unit before anybody else can, at an exclusive price, in a home that you truly want and love. The best part is that you will be working with experienced advisors and professionals who are always available for answers and assistance . Xondo works with the top developers from across North America who are among the first to launch the best new buildings around the continent. Xondo does all of this so that you can feel comfortable that all of the details will be taken care of. In addition to this, we have provided our clients with an extra layer of security to make sure that no matter who they are and where they live, they can trust that they will be part of our developing projects without any problems. ENXTWO Description: Enxtwo's API services enable firms to create AI-powered tools, apps and bots without having to develop complex back-end systems.
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The reservation process is easy! To begin, pick your destination and browse the best upcoming developments recommended for you. Once you've picked a development, you'll be guided through the process and given hundreds of information so that you can complete your next project. With Xondo and our unique platform, you are always able to stay updated on news, pricing and any other important information relevant to you while securing your unit first. No other realtor can compare to our system.Whether you're looking for a vacation spot or want somewhere to start your new life, Xondo has the platform that gives you VIP access to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo developments worldwide. When you reserve a condo unit with our platform you get access to hundreds of resources and valuable tips and tricks on how to reside in the city. Our account managers will accompany you throughout the development process to answer any questions you may have along the way. With Xondo, you are able to invest easily and begin your new adventure in one of the best cities for you today! Our account managers can help to answer any questions that you may have along the way. With Xondo, there's no waiting or wondering when's the best time to invest in a pre-construction condo development.The opportunity is here! Book your spot now and get into one of the most unique and spiritual cities in Canada. You're guided through a four step process so that you're 100% ready for your new adventure in Montreal. Xondo is your VIP pass for the most upcoming pre-construction condo developments in Canada and across the world. XVPaaS Description: XVPaaS is an SaaS platform designed specifically for US local businesses to easily create & deploy an optimized local paid advertising campaign through Google Ads (formerly Adwords). This goes beyond keyword research and offers a complete suite of services designed specifically for US local business owners who are looking specifically to grow their business locally, generate inbound leads & drive sales. The service aims to offer everything all local business owners will ever need, under one roof in order to make all facets of marketing as easy as possible. From landing pages to directory links, from SEO copywriting & content marketing all the way through to social media management, we offer a complete service to help local business owners grow their business online. LocalsQuest Description: A Web-based Directory for Local Businesses on Mobile Devices
Buy a Pre-construction Penthouse in South Africa TODAY!
Be among the first to own a unit in the most anticipated developments of 2017-2018! This is your opportunity to secure a prime penthouse in one of the most coveted locations in Sandton, Johannesburg.You're sitting on a gold mine. You see, there is a crazy trend of wealthy individuals from China and Russia buying properties here in South Africa. These individuals are looking for high-end investments that are safe and have good returns. They are looking for SCANDINAVIAN STYLE CONDOMINIUMS and PENTHOUSES that are selling for over $6million. That's right, R6 Million! But you don't have to pay such amounts. We can get you into 1 of the TOP 3 Condo projects in South Africa TODAY! Not tomorrow – but today! And not only will you be able to show off to your wealthy friends, you will ENJOY a great lifestyle. We are able to do this by working together with some of the most successful development companies – they get us access to pre-sale, unsold units in their projects that were reserved for their top investors. With Xondo, you can enjoy this lifestyle at an affordable price. We will take care of everything – coordination with the developer and project management. You may already have a condo in mind – or you may want to 'test-drive' it first? No problem – we fulfill any kind of request! Imagine having the option to choose specific features that you want in your unit before it gets built. Imagine having an architect that can help you create your dream space. Our team does this all on a daily basis, and we can help you too! 
Residential property and Pre-construction Condos all in one
The Xondo platform allows you to not just invest in property but in a dream! Our platform provides access to the best upcoming condos across Canada and the world. Toronto has one of the hottest markets in condos; we have the biggest and sexiest developments across Canada and the world. Xondo condominiums for sale get you into the best new condos with homely amenities and amazing services. Xondo Condos gives you VIP access to the most luxurious Pre-Construction Condos developments like nothing else has ever before. Extended SEO Content : Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best upcoming condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest upcoming condo projects in Canada and around the world. If you're looking for Toronto condominiums , there's only one place you should be looking: Xondo. Whether you're looking for Toronto condo rentals or a new condominium unit coming up for sale, Xondo is your VIP pass to everything Toronto. Are you looking for a new condo unit in Toronto? Canada has a booming real estate market with some of the hottest Pre-Construction Condos in 2018. Xondo provides access to the best upcoming condos across Canada and the world, with some of the best new condo buildings slated to open 2018 in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and other major Canadian cities. Investors don't have to go through all of the hassles of trying to find out where new condominiums are off-plan, how much they're going to cost, how to manage investing with them and all of this is taken care of at Xondo so our clients can access these incredible developments and get their projects quicker than others can. Investors don't have to do all of this alone, they can take advantage of our innovative system which provides them VIP access to some of the most prestigious new condos in Canada. If you're looking for Toronto condos , then Xondo is where you need to be. We offer a valuable service for investors that coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. We provide a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best upcoming condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process, help with any questions you may have throughout the process, keep track of your transactions, build relationships, deal with Title companies, lawyers, Builders so all you need to do is be involved when communicating with your developer as our service enables you to enjoy your investments as much as possible while keeping track over our advanced online system...XONDO!!! Xray Description: XRAY is a knowledge technology company providing solutions in medical imaging segment. We collect high quality digital data from various hospitals across globe and create AI based knowledge base that can help healthcare system around the world improve clinical outcomes by augmenting workflow processes for Radiology departments (CAD/CAPP/Leadership). GeoTargetting(6): XRAY generates significant amount of content from various sources (hospital) around globe(70 countries), which means we are able to target the readers by geo via onpage & offpage factors. Corporate blogs, PR releases & case studies can easily rank for local city keywords
Helps you manage your investment and properties across the globe
XONDO is a one of a kind platform that brings together investors and property owners. Extended SEO header: Helps you manage your investment and properties across the globe. Content: XONDO, is a game-changing platform that has burst onto the scene in the world within real estate. This unique platform combines all the best elements of crowdfunding, blockchain technology, and e-commerce to craft an amazing user experience which helps make investment more accessible to the average person. Address: 67 Blue Jays Way, Suite #150, Toronto, ON M5V 1J1 Industry: Property & Real Estate Date: 2017-11-01
See the latest condo pre-construction project in Cape Town, South Africa
Do you want to get into the most luxurious and luxurious Cape Town has to offer, but do not know where to start? Thank your lucky stars! Xondo has developed a platform that caters specifically to new investors and homeowners while providing them a VIP pass to some of the most exclusive yet up-and-coming projects in the world. We are a refreshing online platform that has assisted many investors as well as homeowners take their first step into this exciting industry and further their expertise in becoming more advanced investors and home buyers. Xondo is your one-stop platform if you want to be a VIP in investing and home buying. We offer a tremendous amount of services that are specifically designed for investors at all levels. Our professionals are ready and waiting to guide you through this large, booming industry with their valuable experience, up-to-date information, and established connections. Xondo's easy-to-use website tools are user friendly for individuals of all experience levels. If you are an experienced investor, Xondo is the ideal place for you: we offer sophisticated yet easy to use tools for your convenience. On the other hand, if you are new and want to learn more about getting into real estate investing and getting involved in the market early, we provide an enormous amount of information and resources through our educational platform. You do not have the financial skills or necessary experience needed to invest? With Xondo's help you will! Moreover, if you are a homeowner looking for the next great condo project to invest in, we have exactly what you need; learn about your next great investment today!
Buyers, Sellers,
Buyers, Sellers, Developers, Public is a single stop solution for investors with real time industry updates of the top upcoming developer projects across Canada and major cities worldwide. XONDO ensures that its time bound none compromising purchase support before and after the closing date to provide a complete package of services and allows investors to determine the right acquisition strategies based on their individual needs and objectives. Our clients and partners can enjoy the benefit of being one of the first individuals to bid on XONDO and purchasing units that have proven to be highly profitable in the past. Xondo provides clients a safe way to purchase from developers, ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee backed by a $50K warranty coverage, and be part of exclusive online interaction with senior management teams involved in their project development. – VIP Access To Luxury Pre-construction Condos
At Xondo, you will have access to VIP, exclusive pre-construction condos and homes that you won't be able to find anywhere else, through this platform. If you are looking for a way to invest in units that are less likely to end up with the average everyday home buyer in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, Xondo gives you that opportunity. You will be given the chance of purchasing in some of the most desired locations in all of Canada, cities like Montreal, Calgary and Toronto. This platform creates an opportunity for wealthy investors and entrepreneurs to buy condo units as they become available. You want to be a VIP at Xondo because we offer you a VIP pass to the future developments and projects that only very few people know about or have access to. No matter if you are a startup entrepreneur with a business that is heading towards expansion and team building or if you have millions of dollars and a plan for building your own exclusive hotel or hospital, it could be a matter of good timing for the right purchase in an under-the-radar location. We give home buyers VIP access to these exclusive pre-construction condos just so they can operate from a more informed decision. These pre-construction condos and luxury homes around the world may be brand new but they already have waiting lists with tons of prospective clients ready to jump on them right away. This means that your chance will disappear once that is done. So, if you want these condo units that you will not be able to find anywhere else, do not delay because we give out only a few each day.
Our Story
A new real estate market is upon us and Xond o connects all the key players to participate in it. Xond o guarantees to members all the circumstances to be successful within this new, difficult yet lively market. Xond o was created to serve investors and homeowners, nonetheless, with shared values of transparency and credibility. Xond o strives to unite the incredible amounts of resources with a single platform so the sky is the limit when it comes to possibilities within this new just unearthed market. Xond o’s mission is to bring a new concept to stabilize the real estate market and make it fun again; where investors, developers, and homeowners can benefit from each other. We do this by helping developers sell as much condos as possible, enabling us to give homeowners access to a lot of opportunities when pre-contracted at great prices. Yes, I know it’s just one word but for us it is much more than that, it is our vision for the future.
Extended SEO Content:Reddit User - Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities across the globe. Reddit User - I'm a first time pre-construction condo buyer looking to download the PDF copy of my sales contract from the developer’s portal of my soon to be home. The portal was posted in Toronto and has limited hours (usually 9am-5pm EST). The online submission can only be done during their posted office hours which does not work for me. Luckily, I found Xondo and was linked up with an account manager. The account manager explained step by step process of doing business with Xondo. Xondo allows me to speak directly with the developer for pre-sale questions any day of the week, without any additional charges or stress. I also have my sales contract sent to me electronically as soon as it’s complete. I don’t have to visit a portal just to grab a PDF copy - I can do it right in Xondo along with any other questions I may have about my condo purchase. Reddit User - Xondo is like a best friend always saving me from the most trivial things...just another sign how technology is improving how we live our lives! Reddit User - If you're buying a pre-construction condo, then you need to check out Xondo! They provide VIP services, like receiving your sales contract within minutes after signing......pick your own viewing appointments in any time your deposit with no markup or fees......get guidance from an in house real estate agent or account manager......Estimated dates of completion etc. No wonder why Xondo is growing so rapidly! Reddit User - Working with Xondo made me feel like I am their only client, not just another investor signing up for one more pre-construction condo project. Reddit User - My days have been wonderfully stress free since I started using XONDO! We are facing this crazy market where we try to acquire scarce condos as early as 30% below their original price before flipping them for profit or living, but I didn't even notice my stress level rising until I made the choice to work with XONDO. Now I look back at it in retrospect and wonder how I handled stress like this before when buying condo units! Reddit User - In 2018 you no longer need connections, friends or relatives to purchase an off-plan new condo, flipped units or good deal on expensive new construction. With xondo, gone are the days of unreliable email commitment to set up viewings & negotiations. Nowadays, developers care more about xondo sales as they believe it means they're oversubscribed and support that story with real intent on these new buildings! Oh, a chance to meet that special someone in life, excellent starter cash flow investment for your kids university fund or simply see a great place you love with less hassle & stress! There should be no reason to stay away from amazing buildings in premium locations if xondo can's amazing how easy it is to make things happen now xondo exists!
Why Xondo?
Xondo is a one of a kind online real estate platform connecting investors with premier pre-construction condo developments across Canada and major cities around the world. We are committed to providing investors with high quality, comprehensive and detailed information about each pre-construction condo project.What problem does Xondo solve? Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo connects investors globally to premium, high paying opportunities in the real estate sector. We focus on helping investors secure the best deals they can find in today's real estate market. Xondo provides solutions to both investors looking for great deals and busy individuals who are looking to invest in pre-construction condo projects. You will have the ability to search through multiple options across Canada and around the world.For Investors Sellers need help selling houses fast How does Xondo help sellers? Sellers benefit from our service in various ways: We provide them with a way to market their properties to more than 150,000 site visitors every month from all major Canadian cities, as well as from around the world Viewings scheduled by using our online form are guaranteed by our account manager Because we provide such a high volume of traffic, we also get more qualified buyers than other sites. Xondo wants to help everybody sell quickly and for top dollar!For Buyers Find a home you love at the right price! Not only do we have access to some of the best unit choices available across many desirable cities, we also ensure your privacy is protected while you peruse our inventory. We will work with you at every stage of your real estate journey with personalized, attention to detail and respect for your needs. Our team offers free access to detailed information on all of the pre-construction condos we represent. We'll learn as much as we can about you so we can pair you up with suitable projects in your area we have access to information on! NutAP Description : NutAP is a company created by industry experts with a passion for tech development in Ukraine, United States and China. We aspire to be a bridge between two world industries - real estate and AI, providing THE innovative technology of equal quality level at affordable price made in Eastern Europe.   NutAP is a platform that uses blockchain technology in real estate industry . It aims at creating an international network where agents, sellers as well as buyers will be able to work together more efficiently . Also, it intends to integrate artificial intelligence into the process so that it becomes easier for people who cannot spare time for negotiations . Combining all these factors into one, "nutap" will take away all mediation problems and make the whole process of buying and selling houses much easier than before through a relatively quick algorithm which could make both buyer and seller satisfied . Thus, nutap will be able to provide real estate consulting services within just 10 minutes through a drag -and drop system . That way, buyers will get what they ask for , sellers can easily raise their prices or find out what is reasonable , agents who have time pressure or some restrictions will be released from extra obligations while solving issues with clients as they can delegate part of their work while getting paid automatically every 7 days with cryptocurrency . There will also be an option for agents not in need of property network reach enjoy their benefits . Real Estate Brokers will get a unique opportunity work with new axial marketing system where brokers can
Our philosophy
We believe in the power of real human connections. We strongly believe that we are doing our part to improve the lives of those we have connections with and are captivated by. We never want to disappoint them, and we never want them to feel bad about doing business with us. That said, we also want to share our success with them through a service that will generate a profit while helping other people enjoy their current state of existence each day. We understand that everybody needs something to be really good at, and we think that the founders of Xondo have found and secured the role for their lives. For this reason and many others, Xondo Inc. has been created as a brand new company that will be devoted to serving others through exclusive pre-construction condo project access. First, we need to explain what Xondo does as a company, why it was created, and how it’s managed, so please allow us to elaborate. The Xondo platform has been designed to allow its members special access to pre-construction condo projects before they hit the market. By joining the Xondo service, which is free of charge and open to anybody who wants to become a part of the community thanks to our pre-registration page, members will be able to share info on their preferred properties with their sphere of influence and interested parties who are looking to purchase pre-construction condos at recommended projects. After account activation, users will retain full control over their personal landing page where they may connect with friends and family that want a part in the pre-construction condo opportunity. With this page also comes unfiltered access to all closed door opportunities like pre-construction condos in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver, safe deposit boxes for sale in New York City and many more items that might spark an interest for their contacts. Our goal is to spread great news about the latest developments in personal wealth opportunities and eventually assist you in creating personal wealth for yourself and perhaps others. We’re very excited about being able to offer different kinds of services because there is really something that our team can help clients with no matter what stage of life they happen to be with their professional careers or individual lifestyles. There are also different ways in which members are able to create an income online by using Xondo. If you would like to be considered for a partnership opportunity with the company, please feel free to apply here:
Our values which is the leading financial portal in Canada has helped thousands of individuals to get the right financial aid and the best financial advice. xondofinancial is established in 1984 and was enabled by 7 simple principles. We are committed to growth and in 1979, Xondofinancial opened its branch outside canada. xondofinancial also expanded its portfolio to include other services such as loan facilities and mortgages as well as property investment. About: Pioneer Financial Group Inc is one of the most popular financial groups that is equipped with exceptional professionals who deliver services with outstanding performance. We are dedicatedly working on improving money management strategies and investing in both stable and high-growth financial securities.
How Xondo Works
Xondo is a referral service available across the globe and we specialize in helping developers secure VIP pre-construction condo sales. Our mission is to provide access to affluent buyers who are looking for the hottest pre-construction condos in the market today. Xondo's success is due in large part because our distributor network reaches nearly every city worldwide. Since real estate spreads across so many cities and is so specific to each one, Xondo works with some of the top insiders in the market today. The early bird gets the worm; and those that are able to secure their pre-construction condo will be of part of an elite group of individual with access to today's hottest projects.
Our Service
Are you looking to invest in new pre-construction condos or are you interested in purchasing an existing condominium unit? There are many factors that go into how the value of a property is determined. While there are many similar properties, there are also properties that have distinguishing characteristics that make them unique and very valuable. We work with developers of all levels in order to get the best condominium projects available right now. Our sellers are large developers and we also work with individual clients and satisfied sellers eager to sell their unit to the right investor/buyer at the right price. We act as a liaison between developers and investors/buyers in order to get units off the market that have not yet hit the market or are off market. We offer an online platform for investors and clients to meet with a broker and eventually the seller where certain details of the transaction can take place. Due to our online platform, it has become easy for investors to purchase off-market items on our website, specifically pre-construction condos. Our main goal is finding our clients and consumers the best pre-construction condo developments in Canada, Montreal, Sydney and Toronto. We do not require any money upfront or play any commission or fees on sales or purchases and we do not collect any commission on any sale or purchase of a pre-construction condo in Canada.
How much does it cost to purchase a pre-construction condo?
The Cost of a pre-construction condo vs an already built condoOne of the biggest reasons that Xondo has gotten to where it is today is our fierce and brutal honesty. We do not sugar coat things, but rather tell our clients the brutal truth. Today, we are going to be talking about the biggest question we get asked and that is, how much do preconstruction condos really cost? There is a strange tendency among organizations to give you the average cost of buying a pre construction condo unit without accounting for some of the important factors. However, here at Xondo, the aim always is to be as transparent as possible to our clients. Today we're going to dive into these factors and lay it out on paper to how much a pre construction condo really costs
VIP Access To Condos We Cover
The Cabbagetown. The Coal Harbour. The Church St. Yaletown. The Danforth. The Main. The Jameson District. These are just a few of the bell-weathers in some of the most up and coming neighbourhoods in Toronto and Vancouver. Today, these are hot spots for developers as well as investors – two groups who continue to search for real estate in the most hyped up areas in each city. We live in a world where buyers want to get into the best real estate markets before they get too expensive, and developers need to secure the best real estate deals before the land is sold out from underneath them. This is where Xondo comes in with your VIP Access to Condos We Cover. Our system gives you exclusive access to some of the hottest condo developments in Toronto, Vancouver and other major cities for take-over prices. Our VIP system includes the best developments across Canada, the Caribbean and the United States – all with access to opportunities that you won't find anywhere else. You'll be able to view all of these amazing units before they hit the market – completely solidifying that you're one of the first ones on the scene. You'll be able to pick from different types of units and different types of developments – with plenty more options to come in the near future as well. And what's great about Xondo is that it's a win-win for everybody involved; you get a piece of some of the best real estate in Canada and around the world, and developers have a way of getting those exclusive pre-sales needed to meet their quotas and prove vital for their viability. Who would have thought that luxury real estate could be this easy? Description: Artificial Intelligence content writing platform! On-demand creation of diverse types of copy — blogs, landing pages, email marketing, LinkedIn ads & UVPs, copywriting etc. Nunta Description: A revolutionary online wedding planning platform - allowing couples to plan their dream events across Australia, directly with venues & service providers Extended Description: Nunta helps couples plan their dream wedding day by connecting them directly with venues & service providers saving them thousands on average! WriteFlowDiary Description: WriteFlowDiary - How do you describe our mind when we experience a new sensation or feel passionate about something? We try our hardest to put it into sentences — that is how we teach our children through write & read. This mission is also ours so we have decided to create a virtual essayist who will write for you about any topic you request instantly!
Cities We Work In
XONDO is the newest real estate platform specifically for the purpose of brokering pre-construction condos. Developers have realized that pre-employment condo sales is a huge part of their success in fundraising and have become more eager to partner with professional pre-construction condo agencies who can help them maximize sales with pre-construction condo deposits before investing time and money into building it. XONDO is providing an easy, one click, online interface for all pre-construction condos. NAME: Zond Description:Zond Inc. operates out of a 10,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Southern California. Their customer service philosophy revolves around four key pillars; quality of workmanship, customer service, design guidance and competitive pricing. Always willing to find ways to reduce customer costs while improving customer experience and increasing efficiency. For landing pages visit here Yes Web Description : Yes Web is a Nigerian wordpress theme development company that focuses on creating modern, clean and responsive WordPress themes that also conform to the latest web standards. The CEO, Kevin is also the lead UX/UI designer as well as a WordPress developer, who founded the company together with Edwin. Their standard for design has always been maximum conversion for their customers and creating beautiful and user friendly WordPress themes. They strive at making their customers 100% satisfied by creating themes that are ready to be used out of the box. "We love our work, really.. and you'll see that reflected in our hard work." Example:
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As a client of Xondo, you're gaining access to the most sought-after condo developments in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and beyond. Unlike sites that just give you a list of projects and leave you on your own to figure out which developments might suit your needs and budget, Xondo gives you VIP access so that you can see exactly what each unit will look like, the amenities and future perks, and set up your personal account manager who will be available for all of your questions.Xondo is a one-stop shop for all your real estate needs. By connecting you with top experts in cities across Canada, Xondo allows you to obtain exclusive information about the hottest condo developments and advise from trusted brokers regarding home sales and purchase. Xondos's account managers can also provide the VIP treatment to investors looking to secure condo units in the sexiest projects in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Our platform allows for secure communication between investors and developers where unit price, number of units available, delivery date and other details can be communicated securely and with ease.
Construction Projects We Work With
Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, HawaiiNew Xondo projects soon.
2XONDO Fun Facts!
Xondo's Head of Marketing (Tyler) is from Ohio, and our Sales Manager (Alice) is from Jordan!
Xondo Highlights
Xondo is the first global real estate platform that merges international real estate listings with the newest technology in real estate sales. Xondo provides a secure, centralized, and innovative platform where developers, investors and consumers can fully interact. Developers and financial institutions will have access to unprecedented global sales leads, technical support, and optimize the return on their investment. Xondo provides an opportunity for sophisticated investors to pool their buying power and coordinate with developers privately. Every single detail pertaining to your upcoming purchase is easily transparent to you. With Xondo, your money and time are automatically managed by knowledgeable nvestors who can accurately direct you to properties that are best suited to your individual needs. Our network of experienced investors will work with you to obtain a homeownership your dream home at a heavily discounted ‎price.