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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Hamilton allows Hamilton investors VIP access to the Best Upcoming Condo Projects!
Xondo is the premier pre-construction condo platform where investors can access a growing list of the best condo units for sale with time-limited VIP offers. One of the many benefits of being an early condo buyer is saving money on the purchase of your new condo unit. This is certainly a huge advantage you can leverage over other future condo buyers. As a preferred developer partner, Xondo provides the opportunity to secure VIP access to some of the most popular pre-construction condo projects in Hamilton and across major cities worldwide. Xondo is committed to providing investors and homeowners with access to cutting edge technology to help facilitate the pre-construction condo process. Our online platform allows users to apply for VIP access as well as schedule one-on-one appointments to meet with developers and view their latest projects. We believe that our users should be able to easily view their favourite projects, coordinate with developers for VIP access, and schedule one-on-one appointments in a very convenient manner. Therefore, we have developed a site architecture and a user interface that has been specifically tailored for each of the above parties. Moreover, one of our most best features is our custom suite of security features It ensures that users have a safe and courteous. place to work together with developers to secure their investment. We provide custom mobile apps for both iPhone and Android which are built on the latest encryption protocols. Our user data cannot be compromised in any way, shape or form. All of our data is stored in cloud servers that manage risk and compliance. We provide developers, with technology that they hire us to do in a more cost effective manner.
Buyers can order a condo before anybody else
First home buyers, empty-nesters and other property investors can buy condo units in these tremendous developments before anybody else. There are several reasons why these condos are becoming so popular with Canadian investors. Xondo Pre-Construction Condo Sales Hamilton Listings currently has a great selection of upcoming condominium projects in developments at Ancaster, Burlington, Downtown Hamilton, Dundas, Stoney Creek and Oakville that are perfect for first time home buyers, empty-nesters and other investors who are looking for tremendous opportunities to profit from the hottest investments coming up today.
We always leave clients with a smile on their face
Hamilton is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada with a booming economy and new development projects popping up yearly. XONDO has been leading the charge in VIP access to pre-construction condo systems, marketing and managing proven selling systems, and coordinating invaluable deals for clients We never settle for being second best and we never leave a client without a satisfied smile on their face.
Check out the only platform designed with investors in mind
Pre construction condos are popular across Canada, but here in Hamilton it's changing the way the city looks and feels. It's evident that a boom is underway in the city and more homeowners are getting into this market as they see its potential. While many of the developments are getting a lot of buzz our upcoming Hamilton condos will be the most talked about in the city. Xondo's pre-construction sales system contains a suite of tools designed to help investors navigate our platform. Xondo offers a level of security & transparency not currently available in the pre-construction market sector in Hamilton. Foremost and most importantly, our platform is designed with you, the investor in mind.
What is pre-construction? is revolutionizing the way people invest by introducing the concept of pre-construction condos to Canada. Having originated in Florida, pre-construction is a concept that has grown to become one of the most profitable sectors in the US market. Pre-construction condos can be seen in most cities across the US and now in the Hamilton area. The major benefit of pre-construction investing is the fact that you are able to invest with vacant land, meaning that you are able to save thousands of dollars on real estate fees. With Xondo, we provide you with VIP access to some of the most desired pre-construction projects available as well as exclusive private property tours hosted by some of the top developers in Hamilton. Xondo introduces a far more affordable way for investors to secure their dream property for less. Instead of paying for the entire unit upon purchasing it, pre-construction units are purchased with a downpayment and then monthly payment amount. You qualify for these options through a monthly $400 fee charged to your credit card. This service can be used for different projects available through Xondo. No matter where you are looking for the property, we provide you with access to all of your future investments. For just $400 per month, you can completely transform your life through financial freedom. Owning multiple properties that pay for themselves is practically an interest-free loan. What better way to make money than simply buying a housing unit? The process is simple and only requires a small deposit of 10% with 90 days of pre-construction commitment before you close the deal. The 10% down payment is later reimbursed once construction begins within 30 days after closing. It requires patience, but if you plan properly, this will help you out in the long run.
It's all about location
Our luxury apartments are located in some of the finest areas of the city, near trendy cafes and restaurants, top rated schools and hospitals, parks, and best-rated grocery stores. All our condo developments include underground parking, storage lockers, fitness centers with yoga rooms and full service bike shops. Xondo has developed a number of cost cutting measures to ensure that both the investors and homeowners reap maximum benefits for their investment.
Have a personal account manager to help you with your needs
Brush aside the swarms of people clambering to get their hands on the best pre-construction sales in the city. Xondo gives you your own personal online profile and your own designated account manager that assists you throughout the process. Simply sign up, select the project you want, then add your personal details. Through our exclusive platform, you can get connected to our developers and pre-construction condo units before they are ever released to the public. Because we know all the major builders and developers, we provide exclusive access to all the latest offers. Our platform will keep you informed about all of the latest listings and hottest deals for some of the most popular new developments in Hamilton. Our team strives to make the highest quality service for you to use when buying pre-construction condos across Hamilton . Today's market is becoming more competitive as every day developers are trying harder to make their mark as a top notch Hamilton developer. You'll be guided through each step with your personal account manager present at all times! It's simple; just sign up, see what catches your eye, and choose your project! It couldn't be any easier. While these opportunities are ideal for investors, they're truly beneficial for homeowners who are hesitant about buying at market value, as pre-construction condos can net double digit gains when sold at their asking price. Our account managers will guide you through the entire process and help you coordinate so that all condo paperwork is directly sent to you, making your life easier than ever before. Your interests are always our top concern, so potential clients can rest assured that when working with Xondo, they'll be working with experienced professionals who ensure that your interests are protected at all times. With Xondo, there's no need to go it alone!
Find Luxury Condo Homes in Hamilton while they are under construction
New developments have ended up being an excellent alternative for investors who have the desire to expand their sources of income. You can buy property now while they're still under development in return for a discount, or invest in a home before it is finished and even before the first phase of models are released, provided that you know where to go and what to look for. You'll know just how to do it with Xondo's service. It is possible to buy condos in Hamilton that are currently under development, at prices that you can still negotiate and get amazing deals on. With Xondo, you'll be able to find Hamilton condo pre-construction sales while they're still taking place, so you will be among the first to invest in a home before it's fully built. When you buy pre-construction you have time to wait for the best penthouse prices available and have a good chance to sell off your unit at an acceptable price whenever you want. Xondo provides anyone with the chance to buy pre-construction units that are still going through building and testing phases.
Stay in the know with the Hamilton real estate condo blog
Xondo wants to help you understand more about condo investment so you are able to make a fully informed decision. We will be providing you with insider information, market insights, the latest developments, and all the tips you need to know in order to invest in your future.
Be Smart - Be Early - Be Informed
Be Smart — Get early information on the latest trends in real estate and newly opened developments across Canada and around the globe. Be Early — Avoid long on-line registration lines, pre-sale delays, and numerous paperwork. Experience the luxury of first choice of units at the best prices. Be Informed — Stay up to date on the latest real estate trends with email alerts on newly launched projects, new opportunities, and exclusive community events. You've always wanted a piece of Paradise. One that can be cared for and enjoyed as it appreciates over time. Xondo provides Smart, Early and Informed VIPs with an opportunity they can't refuse. While we are a leading online resource for new and upcoming development in Hamilton, we also offer a VIP experience for your real estate needs in choice locations across Canada. Xondo is always looking for developers to partner with, so if you have a project that you think would be a good fit for our market please contact us!
Use our tips and tricks to get into the top Pre-Construction Condo Project in Hamilton
Buy your pre-construction condominium unit before anybody else can!   While the majority of the markets are in decline, the pre-construction condo market is going through a massive boom. There are some condo developments that only have available floor plans for a couple weeks. That gives buyers one opportunity to get inside and fall in love with a condo unit before anyone else does. At Xondo, we help everyone from investors to homeowners buy into these kinds of projects years in advance before construction even begins. Whether you are looking to purchase your very first home or you are looking to invest in income properties, we can help you accomplish your goals. Not only will Xondo give you valuable tips, tricks, and advice on how to buy condos before anyone else, we also offer tutorials and videos on easy ways to select a safe location, making sure you get a fair deal on the price, a secure place to sleep at night, and some of the most useful procedures and steps you can take to kickstart real estate success.
Reserve Your Condo Today!
Xondo has established a unique platform that allows investors to coordinate directly with condo developers directly through our platform. We provide our customers with a unique opportunity to secure their unit before anyone else, and enjoy many more benefits listed below. Xondo was created in 2014 by a small group of real estate and tech savvy professionals. Our goal has been, and will continue to be to provide VIP access to upcoming pre construction condo projects to those individuals who want to invest in Hamilton Real Estate. We provide our clients with access to the most current and hottest pre construction condo buildings in both Hamilton for individuals looking for a solid investment in both condo units as well as rental units. Join today while our VIP lists stay busy, as very few preconstruction condo buildings have openings available at the moment, call us today or fill the short form on our website and we'll get back to you right away! - The hidden VIP access you need in Hamilton
If you have ever tried to buy pre-construction condo units, you have been met with delays, difficulty in closing on the deal and even trouble getting an actual unit to buy. Knowing about a great pre-sale opportunity, but not being able to make it happen is frustrating. This is why we developed Xondo Pre-Construction Condo Sales Hamilton, which helps Canadians secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo units in Downtown Hamilton. Many developers limit their pre-sales to local residents. This way they can sell their units faster, while they are still in development phase. In many cases, the Canadian investors are left out on the opportunity. The most significant drawback of waiting until the project is completed makes it much harder to resell the unit, so we designed Xondo as a solution so that you can secure your own unit without lengthy delays and without risks.
Did you know you can get 16% return on your investment on a quality Pre-Construction condo from
That's right, 16% Annual Compound Returns! Our returns are inclusive of the average 13% increase in Section 92(2)(d)(i) and the average 11.5% increase in land pruchase tax per year estimated over the 7 year construction period, after all rebates have been taken into account. Extended SEO Content: Did You Know... The projected inflation rate, including an assumed 2% annual increase to property taxes, is the highest since 1990? This means prices will grow faster than they have since the early nineties. Condominiums in Toronto have been reported to be 10% under market value. Xondo Investors can get 16% Compound Annual Returns on pre-construction Condo purchases below market value, or even up to 50% below market value. The average pre-construction condo unit 8% return per year in the next 7 to 15 years after pre-sales begin. Pre-construction Condo units from Xondo can offer you a higher return because: Xondo offers special pricing on certain condo units because of our exclusive relationship with each developer Xondo has ongoing relationships with developers to help them keep their project costs and timelines in check, which helps improve investor returns 3. Xondo gives you access to call directly speak with development staff who will be able to answer any questions you may have Pre-construction Condos are a great way for investors to see what prices are for different types of homes around the country and in specific areas. If you want to make a good investment decision you should know how to speculate a market that is in flux. This can only be done by understanding that market and having access to pre-construction condos.
Exciting New Xondo Condos, 16 Stories of Urban Luxury
Condos lined up 16 stories tall, stunningly beautiful views of the city skyline and waterfalls. Each of the Xondo Condos will offer architectural designs from highly recognized firms. The interiors will feature a host of amenities including x-box karaoke rooms, custom gourmet kitchens, top notch security systems, 24/7 concierge service, in-suite infinity pools and much more.
Our website is like nothing you've ever seen before
The smart layout of our website and its simple navigation allows users to easily connect and purchase their desired pre-construction condo without stress. We also offer packages for brokers and developers that you can easily navigate through Xondo with your personalized account. Our team of broker advisors and developers are here to provide support and assist with any questions you may have. We are constantly expanding the list of projects so please keep checking back! Xondo brings you prestigious developments in major cities, including Toronto and Hamilton, using a simple, yet innovative, platform. We work directly with developers in order to facilitate hundreds of transactions that would have never happened otherwise.  Our mission is to let every Canadian enjoy the luxury of owning a lovely home in today's volatile markets. We offer a luxury service that is tailored for investors, brokers/developers, and homeowners alike. Xondo's mission is to change how people across North America buy luxury real estate and how developers advertise this same luxury real estate for sale around the world. Our investor platform aims to employ technology in order to streamline and improve this process for all parties involved.
Our selection of condos is carefully curated by our team
Our team has over 50 years' experience and will assist you throughout the entire process. Our selection of upcoming developments is carefully handpicked and commands a level of quality that is rarely matched in the industry. We also offer a full suite of services under one roof. A key component of our business is receiving feedback from existing clients and then developing relationships with their peers and colleagues to build trust and introduce them to Xondo Pre-Construction Condos Hamilton. This strategy has allowed us to cultivate relationships with developers across the Golden Horseshoe, thus enabling us to continuously offer the finest developments in all the major cities across Canada. We will provide you with services in a very organized manner, ensuring that you are comfortable throughout each stage of the process. Let Xondo take care of everything from permits and inspections, face-to-face meetings with developers, to registration with land transfer and lawyers. Everything is included in our VIP service for pre-construction condos. We will follow-up on your behalf and ensure that the process moves along smoothly. Your satisfaction is guaranteed from beginning to the very end. We believe in honest and transparent service at all times, providing our clients with complete open communication methods for their questions or concerns. You will work directly with high level VIP agents that are compensated on sales volume through Xondo's investment broking division (Evolve Brokers). Xondo has partnered up with developers across the country, Canadian Mortgage Experts, Title Companies, Land Transfer Attorneys, Property Managers & Developers. We have an extensive network within the industry which allows us to provide more value added services than any other. Our clients pride themselves on being part of a skilled network of likeminded people who truly care about each other's success. We are a selected Team of Professionals working together to achieve Excellence in Sales & Service at all levels exceeding the expectations of our Clients & Partners. The database we have access includes requested building preference / location or price filter which includes Premium Amenities or price filter as well as fully furnished units which include appliances or equipment choices.
This is just one of our investment opportunities in the heart of downtown Hamilton.
Check it out: - Latest Pre-Construction Condo Opportunities In Hamilton - Exclusive VIP Access - Fast Purchase Options - Live Chat & Contact Form Get highly affordable units - starting from $99,000! Start enjoying your condo lifestyle and affordable downtown living. Get top of the line furnishings and infrastructure. The XCELL condo comes equipped with the finest in luxury finishes including granite countertops, tile backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, floor to ceiling windows and much more in different vibrant color schemes. You'll also be living in the the most modern and green ready communities. XCELL features amenities to match its ultra modern and green approach such as electric car charging stations and underground secured parking for your protection. In addition to easy access with only minutes from the major highways, you will be just minutes away from major retail shopping centers, schools, parks and entertainment. You'll have the best price and value guarantee. You need not look further than XCELL for the best value and price of any condominium property in downtown Hamilton.
Private Elevator & Private Concierge
As a VIP investor in a pre-construction condo unit, you will be granted exclusive access to two of the most important features in your condo building. A private elevator means you won't have to deal with the headache of standing in line for hours on your floor just to get up or down the building. And a private concierge will ensure that we can cater to your needs in any way possible, including early access through the "backdoor".
Developers - We'll help market your latest Hamilton projects
Are you looking to market your newest project? Do you want to make it seem like there's already a ton of interest in your development? Then let's talk! Our platform provides VIP access to developers and their projects so that they can coordinate with investors — that's where we come in. We connect investors with developers , making it easier for both parties so that they can get what they need out of the arrangement. Fill out our short questionnaire today for an opportunity to maximize your exposure!
Homeowners Can Benefit Too!
Homeowners who are looking to move in the future are in a very exciting and advantageous position at this time, as we are now seeing more investment in the pre-construction condo market than ever before. Many developers offer homeowners the ability to purchase directly from the developer at a discounted rate, but pre-construction condos at Xondo you get much more than that. Developers are now able to provide homeowners with much better avenues for investors to purchase their pre-construction condo unit. This happened after we were dissatisfied with the pre-construction options in Hamilton, when we tried to buy pre-construction a few years ago. We had a terrible experience with our dealing with Toronto, Yorkville and The Distillery District real estate services. We could never contact a reasonable person, no one was in the office, and they would never get back to us. Every time they had any info they would claim it was 'highly confidential' and we would have no opportunity to purchase our future unit. We decided there needed to be a higher tier condo buying process specifically targeted towards investing and decided to make it possible by creating Xondo. That's when we founded Xondo Pre-Construction Condos Hamilton.