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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos London

XONDO.CA is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across London, ON. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anyone else can. The platform also allows homeowners to register for VIP access and waitlists for the best new pre-construction condo projects anywhere. With our expert account managers, you will be carefully guided through the process from beginning until your unit is in your hands. XONDO has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners looking to get into the top pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will help you through the process and answer any questions you may have throughout the process. XONDO will be your VIP pass to the top London, Ontario pre-construction condo projects you want to invest or buy into. The
Agents that work with our company will get to speak directly with investors, land developers, and real estate companies. You will get to be the first to know about major developments in your city and find out how they will affect the condo market and your business. Xondo was designed to give agents a huge advantage over their competitors. Agents that use Xondo to promote pre-sale condos for developers make a very good amount of commission. Even if you just have minimal knowledge about real estate and you aren't licensed, you can still pre-sell several condo units per month. Homeowners will be able to search for the best projects on Xondo. They can then click through to view the project's information and units available before the development even goes public. Many homeowners prefer to reserve their unit at a pre-launch price because the price could go up when the project becomes public. By providing our users with VIP access, Xondo makes it possible for agents to speak with sellers directly. Sellers will want agents working on their projects because they will have access to investors that want to invest early. Agents get paid above market rate compared to what they would make if they were working with a normal real estate brokerage business. Xondo allows you to receive your full commission even before the project is public. Whether it's a $500,000 piece of property or a $50,000 unit – you get your commission long before it becomes public information. Xondo is one of only a few online marketing platforms for real estate in London Ontario that can offer you this level of success. Offers VIP Access to LONDON'S Most Exciting Pre-Construction Condos provides an online platform to help simplify the process of finding the perfect home unit. As one of the leaders in London real estate, they offer potential home buyers access to some of the best luxuries found in top professional developments. From a simple day trips to jet setting to their dream location, Xondo allows potential home buyers to find a home on their own terms, in line with their own interests or desires. Extended SEO Content:If you're a fan of art or design, you'll want to visit Xondo for access to some of London's most exclusive pre-construction condos for sale. Xondo will take you around the city and introduce you to some of the most amazing designs from Olympic Village and Speed River Buildings, London. You'll be able to acquire access to exclusive work of art and also partake in guided tours before these condos are released to the public, giving you eternal bragging rights for those homes once the public begins. There's some exciting news for the golf lovers out there, and that's special access to some of the most exclusive golf condo buildings in the city, including Elgin Towers and Downtown Club. If you're more in line with a simple pied-a-terre apartment, Xondo will be happy to provide access to Heritage Gate. There's so many options when it comes to new upcoming homes in London! If that isn't enough excitement for you, perhaps it's your taste for luxury living that will be best accommodated by our selection. Whether you fancy a resort style living experience or want access to a trendy condo – Xondo has answers for you! If touring London isn't your thing, perhaps you are hoping to find the perfect home within your budget that comes equipped with all of your favourites? If this is the case, Xondo would love to provide you with options from Lakeside
If you are looking to get into a pre-construction condo in London, you have to be at
If you are looking to invest in an upcoming pre-construction condo you have the option of over 500 London condos and over 100 other major cities across the globe. Extended SEO Content: The majority of the population all want to get into the best upcoming condos, which is why investors and realtors know exactly where to go in order to see what is available. is the premier place where you can see what is available and also buy it before anybody else does. You can get VIP access to project, prices on units, floor details, and private showings by simply filling out the account set up section and we will be contacting you to get you all set up. If you are an investor looking to get into the best upcoming condos and find a good deal on a pre-construction condo without having to haggle or worry about someone else getting a better deal than you then is the place for you! We can help with project details, pricing on units, floor details and private showings. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in London and the major cities across the globe.
Investors Websites Listing Prices Stops Extended SEO Text:Make an Offer at XONDO.CA. The XONDO community is a place where family and friends can add their dream home to a wish list, view their home in comparison to others, follow their favourite developers and connect with real estate leaders online. Xondo offers easy access to rich community information including maps, pictures and price estimates of all the homes on the site. Our Online Marketplace platform is designed to simplify the buying and selling experience. Owners list homes for prospective buyers; real estate professionals and brokers can provide professional advice and maximize their exposure on xondo with our Professional Design package. Kick-start the buying process with a customized Market Analysis where you will receive a summary of today's current market conditions, quantitative metrics, estimates for days on the market and active listings in your ideal home's neighbourhood. Get information about mortgages and contact Xondo members that could assist you with the home buying process.
Pre-Construction Condos London
The London real estate market is booming and in order to meet the massive demand, many builders and developers have started to build condominium projects in various cities and communities across the city.  If you are looking to invest in London real estate market, pre-construction condo investments are one of the best ways to begin your portfolio.  When you invest in pre-construction condo units, you have a great opportunity to enjoy tremendous price appreciation because if you do your homework and choose the right unit, you will be making a wise investment decision.  There are countless projects underway in every corner of London and you can find pre-construction condos for sale in these areas. If you are looking for the best option, Xondo is your ultimate source for all pre-construction condo investments in London and around the world.  Xondo is a global platform that allows investors to coordinate with developers and take advantage of some of the most sought-after pre-construction condo projects via our secure VIP access. We proudly offer a wide range of investment opportunities across London and other major cities worldwide. Our account managers will help guide you through the process and help you secure VIP access to the best pre-construction condo investments before anybody else can.
The Largest List of Pre-Construction Condo Projects in London
Want to get into the hottest London pre-construction condo units? Xondo can help! As an online platform, our goal is to connect investors with developers across major cities worldwide in order to supply our investors with secure access to the best and newest condo projects, while also providing home buyers the chance to get into the best upcoming condo developments. Through our unique ICO, Xondo holders will have access to the largest list of pre-construction condo projects in London which means that you have access to the biggest opportunities when it comes to London pre-construction condos. We pride ourselves on our great reputation for guiding investors through the entire process and ensuring that everyone has access to VIP-only pre-construction condo opportunities. We guarantee that you will be able to secure your units for some of the best upcoming construction sites. Importantly, access is only available through Xondo, which means that homebuyers can guarantee their reservation at some of the top projects in Toronto, Vancouver or any other major cities where Xondo has listings and projects. Our service focuses on shortening the gap between investors and developers and allows buyers who may be interested in pre-construction condo units a chance at owning one of the hottest units available in the market today.
VIP Access
Xondo is a wonderful service for homeowners who are looking to buy or sell pre-construction condos for their properties. You can securely coordinate with self-ordained developers and obtain your condo unit from any of the upcoming projects before anybody else in London has access to it. Xondo provides the documents, permits, and information required to obtain physical possession of your unit. We provide you with your very own account manager who is there for you for any questions pertaining to the product within Xondo or about the future development project.
Up to 8 Stories
Category 1: 1-8 Stories // The first category includes developments with 1-8 floors. This category has the best location and characteristics. The buildings are modern, high, large and have optimal facilities not comparable to others. Category 2: 1-4 Stories // The second category includes developments with 1-4 floors. This category has all quality features but most of them do not have the best location. The buildings have one floor below the street level but the area is very modern and secured. Category 3: 4-8 Stories // The third category includes developments with 4-8 floors. This category has a lower location than other categories, but the building and facilities are modern and well secured. However, this category does not include the best location and proximity to amenities as others.
Size & Pricing
What makes us different is that we don't give a full 100 units we give a choice of units to our investor members, our membership can pick any unit of their choice and get 'in line' to our program, which means they will know exactly where they stand when a project has sold out and become impossible to purchase. We also have an investment program to give our member great returns. We have taken all of the main parts such as for example reservations, pricing, moving writers and moved them forward on the web to give our clients the best experience ever. We also have in-house interior designers and architects that currently work with multiple companies giving them the inside information. This is our fastest growing side of the business. We are geared to become the one stop shop for all real world pre-construction condo needs. Extended SEO Content:
XONDO VIP Deal Extended SEO Content: This app is the VIP key to the hottest properties in the world. As soon as a developer announces a new development project, we get exclusive access to that project and make it available to VIP buyers before the general public. In the age-old system where the public is on a waiting list to try to get in when it opens, we control the waiting list by holding off applications from individuals and companies until we have an opening. This allows us to handpick people that we believe would be a suitable match for the product. There are plenty of advantages for this arrangement. It means that we can get you into buildings that are just about to open as soon as they are live. By entering under special circumstances like this, investors can beat the waiting list and secure their position very early on in the process. This allows us to offer a first-hand insight into each project and give important updates to our investors throughout their high-level projects. We fully understand what an prestigious opportunity our services are, and we work hard to make sure that if you choose XONDO as a partner, you will have peace of mind through every stage of your investment. We have a full team of in-house account managers, property managers, and very best in class specialists to ensure every aspect of your unit is in tiptop shape and as enjoyable and profitable as possible. You'll have VIP access to some of the world's hottest real estate. You'll be notified when a new development opens its doors for special pre-construction sales. You'll know about all new developments before the public does! Don't miss out! The units sell out before you even know about them! You can invest in some of the most desirable pre-construction condo projects terms of sale are more generous. Your capital is at risk.
Your New Home Awaits - Be part of a Great New Community!
Xondo offers VIP Access to new Condo developments across London. Xondo also provides a supportive and comprehensive customer care service for these purchasers. Under the careful guidance of Xondo’s network of representative, Investors can rest easy and enjoy the benefits of an easy and stress-free condo purchase. Xondo provides access to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction projects in London. The company has developed a unique and systematized method of customer service so that purchasers feel comfortable and secure throughout their condo purchasing journey, from home tours to closing day! Xondo’s sophisticated customer care service is provided through an amazing team including Account Managers, Consultants, Project Managers, Attorneys and Licensed Mortgage Brokers all specializing in new condo developments in London. Xondo offers VIP Access to developers VIP Launch Events where you have the opportunity to obtain your choice of available unit – often before the public even hears about the project. When you buy a condo unit at a VIP Launch event, you are given access to the best availability in the timeshare or fractional ownership industry. Xondo is dedicated to helping you save money and have a simple process when purchasing your next condo development unit. There are no brokerage fees and Xondo makes it easy for you choose the best pre-construction condo unit while having access to the best ones available!
Pre-Construction Condos London – Are you looking to enter the London Condo Market?
If you're looking to enter the London condo market, Xondo Pre Construction is here to help. We'll assist you in choosing which complex will best suit your needs and interests. Our team of Account Managers works with developers, suppliers, and consultants to provide a VIP experience for investors. WHAT IS AN INVESTOR PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONDO? # It is a Condo unit either in a building that is currently under construction, or a condo unit in a building that is planned for the future. # They are bought from developers before it is put on the open market and offered for sale to the public. # Investors often like to purchase pre-construction condos because there are fewer buyers, so competition is less, and because they have the first pick of what will be available when the building does come up for sale. # The price of a pre-construction condo has one major drawback - its price will often be higher than when it goes on sale because as purchasers are fewer, developers can charge more. However, investors will often see returns on their investment soon after they do go on the open market because of higher demand and therefore higher prices. Extended SEO Content: We assist you with the sometimes complex process of buying before it hits the market. With Xondo Pre Construction Condos, you'll be able to enter one of the best upcoming condo developments across London and major cities worldwide before anybody else can. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. With Xondo's unique platform, we connect property investors with new developments before any other source and get you access for VIP purchasing opportunities of what you need in this ever-growing real estate market. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo Assist you and provide special services like white glove service for moving into your new place in London. Property investors now have access to our custom automated negotiation tool that allows that investor to negotiate directly with developers on pre-construction condos. With Xondo's system, there's no longer a need for developers to lose money while they wait for an interested buyer and an interested customer to meet in the middle – now both sides can negotiate in real time! In addition, Xondo's team of account managers will continue to provide customer service right up until closing time so investors have less hiccups during their purchasing experiences.  
London Condo Market – [XONDO]... Making your dreams come true.
Buying and owning a property is often a lifelong investment. If a house is purchased rather than rented, it is a fixed-cost expense (mortgage, tax, utilities) that must be paid each month over a long period of time (20-25 years) until the end of its life. If the property has been well maintained and had a few small renovations, it can increase in value over time to provide the owner with equity.
Investors can trust Xondo to guide them through the process of investing in pre-construction condo developments throughout London and any major city in the world. These properties are sold at a discount, offering investors the best value for their dollar. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. We provide VIP access to totally exclusive pre-construction condo developments. You can rest assured that you're protected by our strict terms of engagement and various policies in place to protect both our buyers and sellers. XONDO PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONDOS Content:Investors can trust Xondo to guide them through the process of investing in pre-construction condo developments throughout London and any major city in the world. These properties are sold at a discount, offering investors the best value for their dollar. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. We provide VIP access to totally exclusive pre-construction condo developments. You can rest assured that you're protected by our strict terms of engagement and various policies in place to protect both our buyers and sellers.
How to get Pre-Condos in London Ont.
Getting VIP access to the best Pre-Construction Condos in London is so easy. Just click on the link and check out the hot condo and townhouse development projects that we currently have available. In case you don't find what you're looking for, browse through our website for more details about these luxury housing ad development projects. Extended SEO Content: If you're looking for the best way to invest in Canadian real estate, then Xondo Pre-Construction Condos in London is a perfect fit. With VIP access to some of the best condo projects in London, the process is smooth and straightforward. Follow three simple steps to get you started: Step 1: Select the pre-construction condo projects that fits your budget Step 2: Check out our pre-construction sales event Step 3: Get your VIP pass on today With Xondo, you can easily find the best places in London to live. Just visit and check out all the hot new luxury home developments and townhouses coming soon. Review photos, floor plans, and featured amenities for luxury homes builders in London Ontario, and then click through to the builder's offical website to book an appointment. The team from is always ready to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, just get in touch with us today!
Pre-Construction London Ontario
We work closely with developers in London Ontario that put a huge emphasis on their communities. With Xondo, investors will find the greatest collection of upcoming pre-construction condo developments on the market today. We have an extensive list of current and up and coming developments that are guaranteed to change the city for the better. Our passion is in helping people take advantage of these opportunities.
We are thrilled to have launched XONDO STUDIO in Jane & Bathurst, Toronto – now serving the hot areas of Richmondhill, Woodbine and the downtown core. XONDO offers you the latest selections from top-tier developers before they hit the market. It's an exciting new way to buy preconstruction condos and an improvement on traditional development marketing. We've updated the process so that you're seeing exactly what buyers see at the sales launch!
The best pre-construction condo sales in Toronto. Extended SEO Content: Xondo is a Toronto based company providing access to pre-construction condo sales in some of the most desired neighbourhoods in the city like Yonge and Eglinton, King West, and Yorkville. Our online platform provides our clients with exclusive access to some of the top upcoming condo developments. Xondo is for investors who want to invest early or will love their project so much that they will want to live there. With Xondo, you'll have access to buy the best homes in major cities today. Xondo has pre-qualified VIP access to many of the biggest, and most desired, upcoming condo developments. Xondo's account managers will guide you through the entire process. With Xondo, and our user-friendly online platform, we make it easy to buy your next home and get VIP status at some of the most desirable projects in London.
What Paul had to say about pre-construction condos in London
I found an awesome company that has made it super easy to get into pre-construction condos in London. Xondo is a good company that allows me to get VIP access to some of the coolest and most desirable building in London. This is great because with Xondo I can get into pre-construction condos before everybody else. That means instead of getting into a 600000 dollar condo after everything has been finished and the market has gone up like crazy, I can get into something at 100k right now that's going to be worth 2 million after it gets finished. It's perfect for somebody like me who needs a new place in London but doesn't have the money to buy something at the price that it's going to be worth later on when it's finally done. I'm glad I found this company because it was able to help me save a lot of money and actually get into a better building than I would have otherwise if I had to wait until things were done. Extended SEO Content:
My name is Paul from Riverstone Homes and
Xonda is a Pre-Construction Condo sales London system that is unique across Canada. We offer our clients access to some of the most upcoming and exciting condos projects in London at great prices. We have ties with the best developers in the London area and can offer condo units in some of the cities best pre-construction condo projects before they go on sale to the general public. This ensures that our clients get access to some of the best and most luxurious new developments before anybody else can. We are an SEC registered firm with a balanced approach to acquiring this invaluable service. We also specialize in customized condo plans for investment purposes. Our clients can rest assure that we will be standing by them during all of their real estate needs.
My story of joining the Xondo Team
An amazing team working day in and day out to deliver a solid product for the industry and trying to expand across the globe, I had always wanted to be apart of this to help and educate people around me sell their property and invest in pre-construction condo developments. To have the opportunity to be in contact with investors and developers around the globe and hear there feedback on what they need our beautiful city (London) is a great privilege and an honor being part of this amazing project. Not only that, I love the fact that Xondo provides me with the information I need to learn new skills, get to meet others in my field of work worldwide, and to receive the education that I need. With the new property development applications approved annually in London, Ontario, Canada, my role with Xondo is extremely important. I aim to achieve my Xondo goal of being the VIP access point for all real estate investors seeking assurance and exclusivity into the very best pre-construction condos available today. Getting familiar with the application process for condo development does take time. Getting familiar with all of the various rules, laws and regulations for each jurisdiction can be a tedious process. The industry average opening dates for condos often fall within 12 – 16 months ahead of time of pre-sales. For those who aim to achieve asset appreciation from properties that are predicted to increase in value created by demand from foreign buyers and domestic relocation decisions, these short means exists a high degree of capital appreciation.Investors are still making money when they invest in pre-construction condos while they wait for their unit to be built. As long as your investment is managed properly by any one of you can actually make profits in this industry. That why Xondo provides quality support for investors who are looking for reliable and secure products that give you peace of mind during this buying process. Xondo Account Managers are focused on representing pre-construction condo developments. Our role as Account Manager is to meet with interested parties who we serve as a liaison between developers, banks and our clients to solve issues related to unit completion which guarantees savings through accelerated equity accumulation through rental or resale when units are completed. Extended SEO Content:In order for investors to take advantage early on of upcoming pre-construction condos coming available in 2018 I feel it is my job to serve as guide in this industry and make sure that people are aware what facts are important when making such a significant decision like buying into property development projects. Besides showcasing all of my success stories I feel it is vital that I also offer information on projects first come first serve basis. That why I try my best to share my knowledge and help as much people learn about buying pre-construction condos before anyone else does so they don't miss out on their chance of becoming an asset rich investor within London Ontario Canada.
Pre-Construction condominiums in London Ontario.. the smartest way to invest in real estate.
With Xondo, you have access to unique pre-owned condos in Toronto and the surrounding cities before they hit the open market. Xondo has a global network of luxury property deals with access to condo units in major cities worldwide. Some of the best upcoming condo developments in London are now available with Xondo. These projects are being sold prior to construction and completion ,so you don't have to worry about the risk they may have once they are complete. The inventory is constantly changing, but we have seen some of this years finishing at over 400% profits compared to when it was first introduced on the platform.
Our pre-construction condos offer the best return on investment (ROI) you will find in any market today.
Having access to the development allows investors to participate in the profits from day one. Our platform was developed to be a one-stop shop providing all the information you will ever need upfront before investing in any project. In addition to having access to all the information about the project, you will also have access to our fast-track contact. This will give you early buying and selling opportunities on units, providing true VIP status. Extended SEO Content: Investing in London real estate or abroad requires a savvy investor and a reliable partner. Xondo is here to help clients get the most out of their real estate investments. Our commitment is to provide VIP access to the world's top developers, allowing clients and investors to have an all-access pass to some of the world's best upcoming condo developments and the opportunity to invest in London real estate. Our platform provides access to pre-construction condos for clients who want to invest directly into the luxury real estate market. Our platform provides access to pre-construction condos for clients who want to invest directly into the luxury real estate market. We are a one-stop shop that offers all the information you will ever need upfront before investing in any project. With our platform, you will have early buying and selling opportunities, providing true VIP status.  
It Pays To Own A Pre-construction Condo In London Ont.
To become a Toronto real estate investor, you need to get a place before the general public. Toronto is one of the most important cities in Canada and attracts investors from around the world, especially China. Through Xondo, investors obtain VIP access to some of the most significant pre-construction opportunities in downtown and also across London. Pre-construction allows you to avoid paying transfer tax while also allowing you to take advantage of the City's affordable pre-construction mortgages. Each project comes with substantial perks that ensure your returns later on. They are also appointed units meaning more square footage for the price. The main goal is to get the best product for a steal and Xondo gives investors that chance through its platform. We provide the best VIP services for investors and homeowners looking for pre-sale opportunities.
Where is my money going? The cost of a pre-construction condo in London
New pre-construction condo developments in London are quite expensive, and rightly so. Many condominium developments in the city have lasted for years and the price of a 2 bedroom condo unit comes at an average of $900,000 in 2017. But what exactly makes it so pricey? The main factors include not only the location of the condos but also the many amenities and financing that come with it. Condo projects like these in London are built with high-quality materials and their developers ensure that they stay up to date with the latest patterns and styles. The construction companies responsible for building the complex are also very skilled and are able to finish the project on time. A condo project that is well-planned out is more likely to sell faster, so most developers will put a huge emphasis on how well their condos are made. With all these factors combined, it's no surprise to see new condo projects becoming more frequent in London and across Canada.
A pre-condos in London Ontario will be an intelligent investment on your part.
Investing in a pre-condos in London Ontario is an intelligent investment. The demand for the homes in this particular market is growing and the homes are selling fast. This is why you should have a VIP pass to the best homes in the city! Through contracts, you will be able to coordinate with developers and obtain your unit before anybody else. You will spend less money if you buy a unit through pre-construction contracts. With these contracts, you will pay for the basic building plans and not for what has already been built. This means a lot of money will be left over that can be used for your home's special features.
Pre-construction condos are the hottest thing going in London.
Many real estate investors agree that the golden age of investment properties started when pre-construction condos exploded on the scene. Developers that were once working with small-time investors were suddenly developing projects big enough to accommodate billionaires. They were building condos that would be sold as is. Investors could just purchase the condo prior to its completion and then flip it as soon as possible when it was finally finished. This is called pre-construction condo sales. Developers were popping up all over the city, and everyone from real estate sharks to middle-class families started buying up pre-construction condos in droves. Properties were soaring in value, and developers were producing condos on every block in London. Today, most people are familiar with pre-construction condos and have solid ideas about what's involved in getting a piece of one. But there are still uncertainties about how to pick the best pre-construction condos for sale and what special steps are required to be successful in this business. Xondo has created a VIP program that allows investors to buy into some of the most demanded and top selling condo developments in London today.
XONDO Provides a VIP Experience For Investors
XONDO has been creating a buzz recently around the always in demand Pre-Construction Condo market in London. XONDO is a one of a kind website that opens its doors for investors to be VIP's and collects money from investors at different levels during the pre-construction phase for some of the biggest and most desired projects.
London's Finest Pre-Construction Condo Listings
Browse through our website to search based on criteria you're interested in. Our listings show the interior photos of the unit and the floorplans to view. You can also check out facts and stats on the project and read spec details. If you aren't sure which area or neighbourhood you want to reside in London, we can help you. We provide detailed information about various parts of London including news, lifestyle, demographics, employment, etc. Find out more about the areas you're interested in by researching the average housing prices through a . For investors who are looking for a new apartment or condo to flip for profit, Xondo can find top upcoming pre-construction condos for sale and can show you how flipping is a great way to welcome a new bumper paycheck every month. Preconstruction condo developers also provide an estimated completion date and estimated monthly condo fees.
XONDO's Silver Lease Program
What is the Silver Lease program? Investors can lease a unit in the pre-construction condo building that they are interested in purchasing. With XONDO, the investor can lease the unit with an option to purchase. With a xondo unit lease, you get to enjoy the benefits of a secured pre-sale purchase agreement, which means you get to move in faster and get first dibs on the unit. XONDO's brand new Luxury Lofts in Downtown London,Ontario Extended Content: Here is your chance to get into one of the best new condos before anybody else. Xondo has teamed up with top developers to bring you some of the sexiest pre-construction condos out there. Take your pick from XONDO's collection of the latest in luxury condos and find the best deal for you. We can help you find and purchase a xondo condo today in Downtown London and the huge and magnificent developments around Ontario, British Columbia, Scotland, Nevada, Italy and other great places across the globe.
London Investment Properties
Looking to invest in real estate in London? It's a capital that's definitely worth it. Not only can you enjoy a variety of local accommodations and activities, but you can enjoy the rapid absorption of new condos in the thriving market. With Xondo, you can have an easier time locating and investing in the pre-construction condo developments in London that will most benefit your portfolio. Extended SEO Content:Buying a pre-construction condo can be exciting, but also tricky. Which ones offer the best perks, designs, and prices? How can you get a hold of units before they become general public? An account manager from our team will walk you through the process of buying a pre-construction condo, from the selection of the perfect unit to closing big deals with developers and construction teams. We always put our customers first.
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XONDO – a place to connect real estate developers and investors. Our pre-construction service gives investors the opportunity to receive pre-sale condo units before the potential homeowners do. This gives the investor an opportunity to make those profits many developers are looking for! Using our innovative platform, you have a platform that connects you from house-hunting, to booking and even selling your condo to a home buyer. Whenever you're ready to invest, we'll provide you with a VIP pass to the best pre-construction projects in London and other major cities throughout the globe.As an investor, you can open the door to some of the best pre-construction London condo units. We provide confidential access to those interested in investing in pre-sale condos. When you list with XONDO, not only do you get an agent who has access to all of the top sales real estate agents in London who can help you sell your unit, but you also get experienced account managers that work directly with the developers themselves and they will help guide you through the process, ensuring your experience with us is both simple and profitable. Once you begin the process with us, one of our account managers will serve as a liaison for all communications on behalf of developers. We provide your access directly to them so all of your needs will be fulfilled by us, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to developing a relationship with them. There are many real estate agents out there who market themselves as being experts in pre-construction properties, but when it comes down to it, not all of them truly have a connection that can set you ahead of the game like we do. If you trust someone who has a connection with developers themselves., then book an appointment today and join us today! You'll never have to waste time house-hunting again! Like our Facebook page here: Like our Instagram here: Follow us on Twitter here: Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: Join our Google+ page here: Follow our LinkedIn company page here:
XONDO Has The Coolest Pre-construction Condo Listing Platform
XONDO was created to put the power back in the hands of both the developers and the investors. A lot of the time when it comes to real estate, the developer is not the one who ultimately has control of the property. As a result, the developments are not always in the best interest of the investor. Many times, the developers are worried about selling bulk inventory to wholesalers and this is what determines what will be available for investors to purchase. Xondo has created a pre-construction condo environment where developers and wholesalers do not have access to any units until they are purchased by an accumulator. As a result, this means that you can find properties here that are not available to anybody else and you are sure you are going to get quality units that are located in prime locations.
Over $100 Million Invested In London So Far This Year
London has been growing at an incredible rate. In the last year, more than $100 million was invested in London. Condos tend to be one of the best ways that people can start taking advantage of this great market and the best ways to get into the market. We are focusing on top projects and have a wide range of condos. From luxury condos to affordable homes, you'll have access to a wide range of condos. people are still unaware of the benefits of pre-construction condos in London but there are more and more joining the bandwagon every year. While many cities are hurting for new homes, London is able to introduce a booming market. Those who are looking for affordable homes or luxury real estate can have access through pre-construction condos. Our pre-construction condo offerings are extensive. You'll be able to find anything you want in the area as long as you know where to start. We take great pride in what we do and want you to be able to purchase some great homes without any issue. Get in touch with us online or give us a call and we can help direct you to some great units right away. London popular lifestyle hubs like Regent Park, Canada Water, Wandsworth, Stratford City, Ealing, White City, Battersea and Greenwich will be experiencing greater competition in 2015 with even more luxurious projects being added to the mix. So it's prove to be an incredibly exciting time for investors looking to hop on board now given that we've already seen hundreds of millions of dollars being invested in London so far this year alone. This compares to $60 million during the same period last year, so things are heating up fast for young professionals looking for new homes close to the action in their favourite London locations .( We're currently approaching our 4th year of operations in the London real estate market and it's been our privilege to work with thousands of people to help them enjoy some wonderful opportunities near our favorite lifestyles hubs here. With projects like Indigo on Cathedral Gardens, Battersea Evolution and Prelaris Central Park, it is no mystery as to why Londoners will soon be excited about the latest developments coming up soon across London as they can expect nothing but the very best from these high profile development projects . Manchester is not too far behind with over $30 million being invested in developments so far this year and with much more on the horizon than any other period before it. In 2015 Manchester has gotten a great boost thanks to major investments being made throughout Greater Manchester leading up Manchester's 2nd bid for the Olympic Games in 2026! If successful, it's estimated that The Games would bring 70,000 visitors and over $2 billion into the local economy .(
An Evening With The
He seems to be one of the most compelling visionaries of his generation. A one man powerhouse. Has several successful books to his credit including No Time To Think and An Evening With The Shoe On The Other Foot. Extended SEO Content: Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across London and the major cities worldwide. A quick look around the web showed no results for events at venues like Fairmont Royal York, Vancouver Airport Marriott and Four Seasons Hotel Toronto.