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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Markham

Visit Xondo - VIP Access To Pre-Construction Condos In Markham
Design and buy existing condos or get pre-construction condo access with the hottest developers in Toronto, Vancouver and other major cities across Canada. Xondo will guide you through the process and provide you with all the information that you need to select the best investment opportunity for you. All you need to do is check out what we have to offer. Investor or home buyer? Xondo is going to make an impression on you with their luxury selection of projects. Real estate has always been a significant part of our lives. Xondo has thousands of condos for sale and wants to be your source for all things real estate! At Xondo we are a technology company that is constantly looking at ways to improve your experience with us as your partner in a condo purchase or sale.
Pre-construction condos in Markham
Here you will find a massive collection of upcoming pre-construction condo projects in Markham. These projects all have different prices, features, and floor plans. Markham is a booming city in the Toronto area and many are looking to buy pre-construction condos there before they are even built. This way the homeowner has a choice in the floor plan, fixtures, and finishes. We can connect you with these great developers so you can get in contact with them and receive VIP access to all of their available pre-construction condos. Each project has unique features and you will even be able to get VIP access to exclusive deals, release information and many more valuable offers. Pre-construction Condo Market in Markham is one of the hottest markets in the GTA today. There are many reasons for this and Xondo is here to explain why buying the perfect pre-construction condo for you is a great investment that helps ensure your financial future. We can assist you from start to finish in finding the ideal luxury pre-construction condo for your situation and lifestyle. One of the biggest benefits of buying a condo before it is built and having an opportunity to customize it yourself is that you will be securing your investment. By doing this you are giving yourself peace of mind. Your family also has an amazing opportunity to live in an incredible location surrounded by development and convenience at every turn.
Markham real estate prices are heating up
An investment in real estate is a safe haven asset. The right time to invest in real estate is now before it is too late. We know that the time is now because the prices are heating up! So what are you waiting for? Get your VIP access today to some of the best pre-construction condo developments across Canada. We take you on a VIP preview experience from initial stage until the final possession date! As a Xondo Investors member you will start gaining access to some of the most exclusive VIP deals in the market place. Our brokers will assist you with professional guidance on how to invest in pre-construction condo projects that are in the initial stage of pre-construction. We will be able to offer you great opportunities to move into some of the best developments across Canada and other major cities around the world. The Xondo platform will make it easy for investors to enter these projects as they are being built. We will be providing members with information on all new opportunities such as open houses and offering investors a fair chance to get first pick on their dream home before anybody else! You will have immediate access onto our private website where members only have access to view these opportunities, give us some information on their ideal condos, and our account managers who will assist you with all questions you may have during the process will begin your VIP journey to home ownership today! All that we require is your name and email address. You will have immediate access onto our private website where members only have access to view these opportunities. Give us some information on your ideal condo, and our account managers will assist you with all questions you may have during the process and begin your VIP journey to home ownership today! All that we require is your name and email address. Join us as we bring investors together with developers to make fresh pre-construction condo opportunities available!
Designed with precision and pristine attention to detail
Our platform is designed with a very user friendly approach, which makes it easier than ever for potential investors to secure an opportunity in the hottest pre-construction condo developments in Toronto and other major cities The platform makes it easier to navigate through the site and reduces any confusion with the information provided. Investments into condos can be risky, but with a xondo account you can have some of the best pre-construction condo projects VIP style. You are able to ensure that you are making the right decisions. has developed a unique platform that caters to potential developers and also gives a great service to homeowners who might be interested in or looking for a great pre-construction condo projects to invest in today. We're not just a place, where one can find relevant information, but we also provide ways for investors to continue communicating with developers, getting regular email updates, taking part in investor forums/blogs and keeping up to date with current events and trends. We will also have pre-construction condos available for rent on our Airbnb, where there will be no longer a need for an investor to travel around and look for possible condos for sale and for rent.
Our projects sell out fast
From sketch to reality, XONDO has brokered major pre-construction deals for VIP investors. These deals save you thousands on cost, months on wait and guarantees your spot in the most sought after projects. We are all about making sure you feel 100% safe and comfortable when investing in the pre-construction market. Xondp's extensive network of licensed realtors, lawyers and accountants ensure you understand and comply with all Ontario laws and regulations. We have a team that has access to hundreds of luxury developments dating back to 2009 with constant updates on current projects coming. Our investors have done extremely well with investments selling out in as little as 30 days to closing. Xondo is one of the fastest growing companies in Canada and our success has driven us to help loyal investors across the globe.
Our Xondo Markham perks just for you
Build up your investment portfolio via XONDO's portfolio program! You will receive 15% Return On Investment (ROI) on every exclusive late stage project that scores 100% "5/5" ratings or above on costs and value after expert due diligence. You will have access to a portfolio dashboard outlining all active projects by location, costs and luxurious perks. You will also be entitled to: VIP Access! Exclusive phone line for all alerts with fastest submission times for maximum exposure opportunities! For each invited guest, you will receive 10% of the purchase price as a gift card ($500 min)! This purchase order will be completed under your account.
Be part of the shift toward the latest trend in real estate investment
The world is experiencing a massive shift in how people buy and sell property. Markham and the Greater Toronto Area is one of the biggest markets for the pre-construction condo industry. Toronto has experienced an intense level of growth over the last decade, most parts of Toronto has missed this boom because prices were not affordable for the average person. However, Xondo is a company that offers potential investors VIP access to pre-construction condos across Canada and offer our clients one on one VIP service no matter what project they are looking to purchase. Our services include condos, penthouses, real estate law and finance. We are here to welcome you and guide you through your purchase to make sure everything goes smoothly. All Xondo condo investors have access to the best upcoming condo developments across Canada. All pre-construction properties are sold at a discount, which means a massive return on your investment. Many groups of investors are flocking to Canada to purchase these pre-construction properties before anybody else can. Xondo is the only place where you can decide whether you'd like to invest with a partner or entirely individually.
How do you love Markham? Let us count the ways
Markham is one of the fastest-growing markets in Canada and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, as it has grown from a population of just 69,000 in 1996 to 329,000 today — a staggering 277% increase. With 51 new condo projects planned for the City of Markham, in addition to the multitude of delivery and re-sale condo projects that have already broken ground and are currently under development, you will never have a problem finding the right home for you. Whether you're looking for an affordable three bedroom family home with a white picket fence to match, or a high-end luxury penthouse with breath-taking views of the city, Xondo has all the information you need. At Xondo we believe that searching for affordable condos in any neighbourhood should be easy — that's why we make sure we know everything about the lifestyle of each neighbourhood we list in, so you can find exactly what you're looking for.
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Xondo is opening up for Markham Real Estate Agents who will be compensated for all purchases made by their clients who find a home on XONDO. List your most popular Markham listing and get paid when it gets sold on Xondo. Xondo Markham is an online platform that has almost all of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and and if you are a real estate agent, you will find that dream home for client easily on our platform. Xondo Markham always provides affordable housing, modern design and the convenience of living in wonderful neighborhoods. Whether you are searching for a condo or townhouse that meets your needs, or looking for a luxury condo, we have hundreds of listings for you to start searching today! is your gateway to free market opportunity! is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. Extended SEO Content : is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. Investors can register with where they will be able to obtain VIP access to pre-construction condo units that are currently for sale. The VIP access allows for investors to have the chance to purchase a condo unit at a predetermined price before the completion of the project and public listing. All transactions are privately negotiated between the investors and the developer with XONDO acting as a mediator in order to assure all transactions are completed. The access is limited to certain units as determined by the developers themselves. Therefore, having VIP access to one project may not guarantee access to other projects on XONDO's listings. XONDO acts as a platform where developers can obtain investors that are willing to purchase their unsold units before the public listings. XONDO facilitates all negotiations between both parties and will provide assistance throughout the transaction. This setup allows the developer to focus on the finishing touches of their project while at the same time provide for buyers who are desperate for a well-located, low-density unit in an upcoming high-rise condo project.
Investors will never borrow again
Our investors love Xondo and here’s why: Xondo is fun! It’s fast and easy to register to get VIP access to all pre-construction condos across Canada and in major cities around the globe. Xondo gives you access to condo units before the public can even know about them. The best part is that we list different types of investors from those looking for their primary residence to those looking for positive cash flow, to those trying to invest for the first time and for those that have already made millions in Brazil, Miami and Vancouver. Let’s face it, we all have different investing goals, budgets, experiences – and Xondo caters to all of us! Xondo provides all the information you need on a condo project before you invest in one. With Xondo, investors will never be able to borrow again. Registering with us is as easy as 1-2-3. Once you become a member, we will send you the pre-construction condo properties that fit your criteria and are currently on the market. All you have to do is pick your favorite projects and sign your investment agreement online with a digital e-pen.