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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Minneapolis

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Our account managers are here to make your life easier. They're available 24/7, so you can call them at any time to discuss current opportunities, review your account or to browse our portfolio of new projects. XONO is made up of developers and real estate professionals. We've seen first hand how the current real estate industry is outdated. It can be unnecessarily complex and expensive when you're looking to invest. Luxury is accessible anytime, anywhere. Through XONO, you can tap into our specialized network and effortlessly gain VIP access to real estate whenever and wherever you need.
VIP Access to Top Minneapolis Condos
 Looking for luxury condominiums in Minneapolis? With just one click, you can have VIP access to the best pre-construction condo developments around. Extended Content: Xondo is a one stop shop for Minnesota pre-construction condo investors to get exclusive access to the highest quality developments in the city. Our account managers work with developers and negotiate a special deal for VIP access. Once you've purchased an allocation for a unit, we'll help you connect with the builder and coordinate visits, inspections and the closing process. You can invest in pre-construction luxury condominiums in Minneapolis without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. Xondo offers a real-time, comprehensive marketplace of condo developments throughout the globe including luxury condo towers, mid-rise buildings and town homes. These units can be purchased on Xondo with no commission fees, no land transfer fees to the government and no closing costs. Xondo also offers a 24/7 concierge service to investors who already have an allocation and are in need of developer's assistance. Extended SEO Content: We Import Your Orders Automatically Content:  Our import tools allow you to easily import your sales orders and invoices onto your Bigcommerce store, so that you can immediately begin fulfilling orders, rather than waiting for customers to place orders manually. You'll never have to worry about double buying or wasting time reconciling data ever again. If a product sells out, it's not a problem. With our monitoring tools, we will automatically add more inventory as your sales orders increase, so that you can continue to provide your customers with fast shipping without wasting time and money on stocking products nonstop.We launched this tool back in 2015 and have been thrilled with the response we've received from our resellers and customers! App integration is another huge step for the Bigcommerce platform, but it's important to recognize that this isn't just a technical upgrade, it's a critical business necessity as well. Bigcommerce's new app SDK will enhance the power of existing Bigcommerce apps including Order Printer by allowing them to be integrated directly into all Bigcommerce stores. This creates more transparency across businesses while boosting sales levels. Now, instead of having to log onto multiple platforms and check on new sales opportunities from different sources, your inventory will be available in one location so that you know exactly what to notify your customers about via email or text message. Who is using Bigcommerce? Who is using Shopify?
Get Priority Access to Massive 2018 and 2019 Projects
XONDO is an online platform that caters to investors who are looking for exclusive access to 2018 and 2019 residential developments. With a focus on being the best platform for serious investors, Xondo provides a secure way for developers to promote their projects and coordinate with interested investors. XONDO accepts pre-reservations for the biggest and sexiest condo developments in major cities across Canada, USA and worldwide. XONDO makes it easier than ever to be involved in the best new condo projects in major cities across Canada and around the globe by working directly with developers to bring you updated information directly. XONDO aims to be the best at what they do and they will do everything they can to make sure that you have VIP access to the best new condo developments that fall into your requirements.While will offer you everything that you need for the best in SEO copy creation, XONDO can show you which projects in various cities are poised to be the next greatest success. As a company that lets you see upcoming projects from developers from around the world, you'll never have to worry about missing out on opportunities that are good for your bottom line. With XONDO, you can find exclusive access pre-construction projects along with plans, features and more information. You can also contact in-house account managers over the phone or even have individual meetings if you like. XONDO works with a variety of VIP clients who are keen on learning about the best new developments when they're just starting out. When it comes to new developments, you never want to be passive. With XONDO, your VIP pass will give you access to once-in-a-lifetime events that are designed exclusively for high-paying investors. With XONDO, you will never miss out on a big opportunity when it comes to pre-construction condo units again. The XONDO account managers will walk you through place your pre-reservation on highly desired condos all over North America, Canada & Australia as soon as they're announced by developers. With XONDO, you'll be offered 1 on 1 meetings with project managers from each and every development so that you know exactly what you're buying into by making a reservation or putting into contract with the developer; XONDO account managers will do everything possible to make sure that your reservation is secure, the terms of it are in your favor, and that everything goes smoothly after placing your order with XONDO. Without even knowing it, all of this is done by working closely with developers who are trying to get their project off of the ground. As a member of XONDO, you'll never have an issue finding out all of the important details surrounding any projects available through their service. Your account managers will make sure of this so that all requests will be completed by them immediately. If you need help or have questions regarding what information is vital for you to know about a development, your account manager will help guide you in the right direction so that you won't miss out on critical information about the project again straight from the developers themselves; no spin here! XONDO's account managers will work closely with developers so that every aspect of their concepts and buildings are planned out meticulously so that each development becomes successful from from design to execution and completed construction stages. You can rest easy knowing that your investment is going into something solid through working XONDO account managers; they'll ensure that your pre-reservation is near bullet proof while acting as your VIP pass into some of the biggest and best projects coming up in 2018-2019. All of these details are handled by working as an intermediary between developers, funders/banks
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Xondo is the ultimate online platform to coordinate the purchase and sale of new, high-end condo projects in Canada and around the world. Our simple platform helps you find, explore, and invest in the projects that interest you. As a homeowner looking to purchase a condo, our new Pre-construction Projects tool helps you find VIP access to the best new condo developments todayBecause we only work with pre-construction homes, and not resales, there are no deadlines or hard pressure tactics. We just focus on your goals. While researching the properties may seem overwhelming at first, our simple five-step process will help you quickly find the condo that works for you. As soon as features or options grab your interest, our list of Acclaimed Designers allows you to filter out possible post-construction elements, ensuring you get the condo features you want today. You can choose from a wide range of styles, from boutique and high-rise to luxury waterfront, when you're ready to find a place that speaks to your individual style, easily browse through options according to view, location, size and price criteria. Our account manager can assist you with any questions or concerns along the way, and our plans within Xondo will help ensure your interests are protected every step of the way. Once the appropriate condo project is promising the home you've always wanted, our team will help guide you through the rest of the process, including reserve deposits and ensuring your project is on track within its construction timeline. Unlike other services we're more than just a "condo finder." Xondo ensures that projects are a good fit for investors and homeowners alike. Instead of putting investors ahead of future homeowners and homeowners ahead of investors, we treat everyone fairly and keep everyone up to date with regular updates - so when it's close to move in day or when you're reaping those rental benefits from your investment - update us! That way we can update all your peers too! This means Xondo allows you to invest throughout the entire life-cycle of your investment much like a stock portfolio does for traditional investments. As one of these projects comes onto your radar as a possible investment opportunity we step in to assist. This means for someone who is interested in purchasing Xondo may guide them through finding a condo of interest or assist them through obtaining VIP access beforehand.
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  Xondo gives you access to deals and private offers on preconstruction condo projects with developers around the globe. Buy your next home with us and we will hook you up with a VIP pass to private offers on real estate and financing advancements, travel opportunities, and other incredible offers.  Xondo's Exclusive Partners Since its founding in 2014, Xondo has kept up a strong relationship with all of the biggest developers and organizations in the real estate industry. As a member of Xondo, you'll have access to exclusive access to the most elite and hard to find pre-construction opportunities in Canada, New York City and swanky high-rise towers in Miami, Paris, Hong Kong and other great destinations around the world.
VIP Access to Top Minneapolis Condos
Looking for a new place to buy? Trying to find the best condo in Minneapolis? It can be hard to sort through all the information on the web and find the one that fits both your lifestyle and budget. Our condominium search makes it simple and fast to find the perfect place to live – no more wasting time wandering from site to site. We've done the hard work for you, so all you have to do is choose your perfect neighborhood and we'll do the rest!Xondo provides you with VIP access to some of the best condos in Canada and international locations. You can find the best condos in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, or any other city around the world. We not only provide you with top condominium deals, our custom-designed tools allow you to search for individual condos, browse photos, and contact the developers directly. Xondo offers you unrivaled service from our team of condo experts. We can help you with anything from choosing a condo to booking your next vacation. And with our free Xondo Concierge service, we're always just a quick phone call or email away. Xondow
Get Priority Access to Massive 2018 and 2019 Projects
Investors Gain Access to 1700 Upcoming Condos, New Development Projects and Experienced Developers. You Found a New Condo Project or New Development and You Want Access to Investors? Organic, Accurate and Updated Data.Xondo has created a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest projects and developments in Canada and major cities across the globe. We take pride in our ability to streamline the improvement processes from start to finish; from communicating with developers, all the way to providing expert support through negotiation and investor coordination, helping investors save time, sellers and developers save money, and provide quality service at every stage of your search and purchase! Our account managers work to help you with all of your needs throughout each phase of the Search & Purchase phase. Questions about local transportation? We have you covered. Need help finding reputable legal/accountant services in your area? Not an issue. As an investor, it's important to us that we offer you our full support and provide you with a hands-on experience. You are not just a name on a work order; we want you to be involved in every step of this journey. Pre-construction condo investing is not a one size fits all solution – each investor has their own set of needs and wants that they wish to accomplish. It's up to us to find innovative ways to meet those needs and give you the support that you need to accomplish your goals. Looking at real estate as an investment or want to buy a new unit for yourself? Xondo can help you get into some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and major cities worldwide! Xondo has developed a unique platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and major cities worldwide. We have access to 1700 exclusive units waiting for you. We provide investors with a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers to obtain their condo unit before anybody else can! Our service provides a superior avenue for investors that want exclusive access to real estate investments from major development projects across Canada and around the globe. Our account managers will guide you through the process, help with any questions you may have throughout your investment journey, inspiring investor confidence. It's just the beginning when it comes down to real estate investing- there is so much more than just funding to it...that's why we do everything we can to ensure a smooth transition for our people who consider themselves as future condo investors when it comes with any problems you might encounter during the purchasing process. Looking for exclusive amenities packages, luxury finishes or wanted an easy way out? Not a problem. Let our account manager talk directly with the developers team! As an investor, it's important we offer you our full support during this journey. Pre-construction condo investing is not a 'one size fits all solution' – each investor has their own set of wants that they want accomplished while investing on Vancouver condos or Toronto condos or anywhere else across Canada or around the globe; it's up to us to find innovative ways to meet those needs we provide preconstruction condo investing services across Canada. Investor Access Portal: here's how it works: Investors looking for the best possible units in the best upcoming developments are able to create an XONDO account, where they will be able to interact with other investors looking at data regarding specific projects, reaching out directly to the developer team with their questions, see which new projects are coming up in their city/state/
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Xondo provides a VIP pass to some of the most upcoming, exquisite, and up-and-coming condo projects in Canada. Having been raised in Toronto, Xondo knows this city has always been known for its hospitality and unique outlook. That is exactly what the company should be representing when developing the ultimate customer experience. Xondos goal is to become a trusted source of top developer and investor relations. Xondo offers investors a chance to join developers in an exclusive program to buy air rights. To get investors excited about a new business, you need to be able to bring them into the business itself. Sometimes, even if you have an incredible product, it can be hard to make the prospective customers feel excited and thrilled about it. Xondo lets customers experience the condo unit with VR and enjoy it through their own eyes, which is what they wanted in the first place. They dont want to be told they should want something, they want to see it!
All the pre-construction condos in Minneapolis
For Investors, Xondo is the #1 place to secure VIP access in major cities across Canada and the biggest and sexiest condo developments in major cities worldwide. We just launched our Minneapolis pre-construction condos which are available to be acquired by investors. Xondo helps you coordinate with developers and obtain your unit before anyone else can. Xondo is a unique platform that caters to investors and homeowners looking to get into the best developments today.Xondo provides a valuable system for investors interested in getting access to some of the best upcoming condo developments throughout Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We are dedicated to handling all necessary dialogue between you and the developer and making sure you are the first investor to secure your unit at launch. Our account managers will guide you throughout this process. In order to be successful in investing in pre-construction condos it is important to work directly with a reputable team that know what is going on in all sectors of real estate. Contact us today for an opportunity that you do not want to miss!
The best pre-construction condo opportunities today
Xondo will provide you with the best pre-construction condo opportunities available. Our team works with the biggest and sexiest developers in the business today to bring you all the best opportunities currently out there. Better than VIP access to the biggest, most upcoming pre-construction condo opportunities. Xondo is here to provide you secure access to some of the best properties that are currently for sale in Canada and across major cities around the globe. Owning a condo unit is one of the best ways to ensure sure that you'll have a steady source of income and that it will become even more lucrative as the years go by. Xondo will provide you with access to some of the best pre-construction condo deals that are available today. You'll be able to choose from some of the biggest and sexiest developers in Canada who are going to be releasing some of their biggest and sexiest projects we've ever seen in years.As an investor, a pre-construction condo opportunity will give you an amazing investment opportunity to secure your future. With a steady source of income now guaranteed, upon completion of your building and securing your investment, your unit will be sold off and provide you with more profit years down the line. The best part about buying into a well-constructed building is there will always be demand for your unit. Once you have purchased a unit at pre-construction, this ensures that you'll always have a steady source of income (through local tenants) and that it will continue to appreciate in value upon completion. Xondo makes sure that you get access to only the best pre-construction condo deals from across Canada and major cities around the globe. We've forged connections with some of the biggest and sexiest developers in Canada and select major cities around the world to help investors with their search for their perfect investment opportunity. Our account managers are here for our investors every single step of the way — from financing, to helping coordinate with the developer on construction, and running property management for years once it has been built.By investing in a pre-construction condo today, you'll be getting VIP access to the next biggest thing on the property scene in Toronto and beyond. The average resale home price on the market right now sits at $793,751 — with inventory below normal levels, this means that prices will continue to rise over time as demand will continue to outpace supply year after year as we progress forward into 2018/2019. By investing in a pre-construction condo today, you put yourself at an advantage because your investment will secure an income source now while it is still being constructed — you won't have to wait 4 years before it's available for resale. After investing in a pre-construction condo, there are multiple exit strategies for when your building has been completed and ready for occupancy — all of this is achieved before anyone else can acquire their investment property as it is still being constructed! So before anyone else can secure their investment property, we already have our client's units under secure ownership — this gives them an advantage over hundreds (if not thousands) of other buyers who are vying for those same units at pre-construction pricing! Once completed, our clients can either choose to stay in it for passive income through local tenants (who we help find through our property management) or re-sell it off to cash in on massive profits. The process is even easier if you're planning on turning around a quick profit on your investment — instead of having your property management handle tenants and keeping a portion of their rent as income, after purchasing an active Airbnb rental, we can
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You've always dreamed of living in a loft or a penthouse, overlooking a magnificent park, in the heart of the city. XONDO is here to materialize your dream and make it come true. XONDO offers a superior and fast way to invest in large-scale urban developments. Hate long lines, bitter negotiations and crazy price increases? Good news! With XONDO you can buy your dream condo at the best price, without any hassle or useless stress. We are happy to help you choose the unit that suits you best. Contact us and we'll get back to you soon!Imagine yourself, waking up, to a view filled with beauty. You get out of bed and walk to your windows to admire that marvellous park right in front of you. Every time you come home, you feel proud to be part of this wonderful community that produces such a perfect replica of what healthy urban living should be. For many people, this is only a dream... one that can be longed for. However, things are about to change, for the better. XONDO is here for that little change that can make a big difference in your lifestyle. We offer affordable investments with amazing ROI in some of the largest upcoming urban developments across Canada and some extraordinary projects all over the world. Simply XONDO, is where you are tomorrow, today! Extended SEO Content:  Buy today, live tomorrow, and invest while others around you wait and think! XONDO offers an innovative platform created and designed with the happiest clients in mind. Contact us and we'll quickly and accurately switch gears towards tailoring your brand new home's interior; our designers will customize all areas of your loft, including your floor plan and any changes you require. All XONDO pre-construction transactions are protected by our customer-friendly Money Back Guarantee (MBG). This is our guarantee that we establish together with each client, before involvement or investment with any pre-construction company. The MBG is realized partially on a monthly basis, as you move forward in this process; it applies to monthly units and also to closing services—we ensure that any investor who purchases an apartment with XONDO benefits from this contract guarantee. Our MBG helps release any financial uncertainty felt by our partners when committing to one of our properties from a financial standpoint. The MBG benefits buyers as well; we are liable for any costs incurred by clients who purchase directly from us, not just during the financing period but also at closing services. We offer a simple and convenient experience built around transparency; when you choose XONDO we guarantee to deliver on what was promised—precisely as specified. There will be no surprises at closing services—a common issue with other companies in this industry that can prove costly if repairs need to be made at the last minute. We work with other professionals (lawyers, CPA's & Engineers) who have been in this industry much longer than us to ensure we have sufficient knowledge and knowhow when it comes time to designing buildings that not only support your lifestyle but keep you safe from financial instability down the line.XONDO was created primarily as an alternative for condo investors (waiting for any length at all times) but also for individuals looking for adequate savings by investing in one of our various international real estate developments or an affluent urban development like those found in Vancouver or Toronto for example (where prices increase year after year). XONDO allows younger generations (Millennials) to enter the market without having unrealistic payments or escalating prices set their future plans. Prices with XONDO are fixed at initial rates—
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Our developers and our account managers want to give you the best experience possible. When you use Xondo to purchase a luxury condo, you will be on the VIP list. Our website has been developing for over two years and we have already developed a great rapport with our developers. We can help customers identify the units they want and to secure them before they go on sale. Xondo understands that when you are buying a luxury condominium, you need to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking. Our services are in demand because we go out of our way to understand your needs, so that we can help you find the perfect place for you. Our developers are some of the best in the industry and we work with them to make sure buyers are satisfied with the final product. We make purchasing a luxury condo simple and easy.
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XONDO is a very special place where people go to invest and also locate the condo of their dreams. We put you in direct contact with the developer who will take you through the rest of the process.Are you tired of looking for a place to live, but not finding anything that matches your quality standards? XONDO is here to change that. XONDO bridges the gap between real estate developers and people who want a piece of that pie. No need to spend hours on the Internet looking for projects that match your criteria. Sign up for XONDO and you will have direct access to sales representatives from the most luxurious condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments abroad. Talk directly to a developer and learn about their portfolio, any units that are still available, when construction will start, and price forecasts. It is as easy as making a call or completing online forms — all you need is access, not money. We will take care of everything else. XONDO has a dedicated team of account managers that will guide you throughout the buying process. There will be no more worries about hidden costs, price changes, or delays. Everything is transparent and pre-negotiated. Simply choose which project you like best and our team will set up appointments with the builder (usually within a week) to review all necessary documents and sign off on your condo. We do all this without charging any broker fees because we think transparency should be the norm, not the exception. Once your preferred project is approved by the developer, we will fund your investment from our own pocket until escrow closes — no personal guarantees required! Clearwater
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We want to be the best website in the world to get information on new developments. Our team of expert analysts and developers can provide you with all the information necessary to make a smart decision when it comes to purchasing a new place to live, as well as which new developments are coming up that might be a great choice for you. Extensive research, data analysis and development work has gone into creating this valuable service for our users. Extended Information: The Xondo team is comprised of many people who have been working in the real estate industry for many years. We are passionate about what we do and we want to share our enthusiasm for living in the best communities with everybody. We are an online hub for all the information regarding new developments across North America and other parts of the world. The site is available in multiple languages and we work extremely hard every single day to improve and expand our content and services. Our goal is for Xondo to become the first place people check when they are considering purchasing a new home. Ziero Description: Ziero is a web-based work order management tool that allows businesses, big and small, to efficiently manage their assets and keep track of their assets
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Our customers love XONDO for the benefit of VIP pre-sales access to the biggest and sexiest new developments, but there are many advantages on our website, as well. This article is meant to help acquaint you with some of the extras you'll find after opening an account.When you sign up for an XONDO account, you'll automatically be given a basic list of condos to browse and explore. We are starting to add more features, so if you're an investor, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter to keep up-to-date on all of them. The major advantage with XONDO is our VIP access to pre-construction condos that you won't get anywhere else. Pre-construction condo investments are a great way to see good returns, as long as you know what you're doing and follow the advice of a real estate manager or condo investment expert. If you need help getting the most from your investment, we can provide you the best option for professional real estate advice according to our in-house experts who have extensive experience with condos. You can see whether or not a condo development will appeal to potential investors as well as how it will perform once it's completed. Our comprehensive list includes information on condo fees, condos' construction status, scheduled completion dates and much more. It's important to be comfortable with where your money is going, so before you invest in any condo, have a look at the site! Yyhoo