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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Ottawa

Xondo Ottawa Pre-construction condos
Xondo crunches time, effort and money so you can be up-to-date, whether you already live in Ottawa or are considering a move. Users will have the ability to compare the data of every property gathered in one place. Furthermore, with Xondo's evaluation tool you'll be able to match your preferences according to the criteria you have chosen so you can make the best decision possible. Don't take our word for it. You'll have access to our platform that is so advanced, it will be able to provide you with valuable data like your condo's location, nearest subway stop, number of units that are sold out at the building and the current vacancy rate. When thinking about where to live in Ottawa, simply select what you want based on your preferences in order for you to receive a clear picture of which building best suits your needs and budget. With Xondo, you'll be able to stay up-to-date concerning housing news that could affect your investments. If there's only a handful of units left in a luxury high rise or if there are a few available units that have been recently renovated, you'll be the first to know with us.
Developers - Get more customers for free
Xondo is the only service that will show you the exact number of customers that every condo project has received. I nvestors are looking for a successful project, which means more customers and therefore more demand. With Xondo, investors can exactly see the number of people who have already purchased in each project. As the cost of living increases, more and more people are looking to invest in real estate and start living in the most developed cities in the world. As the market is becoming more competitive, Xondo is the solution of choice for condo developers that want to stand out from the crowd and drive more traffic to their pre-construction condos. In order to take advantage of this unique opportunity, all you have to do is complete the form. Your Account Manager will contact you shortly and provide detailed information about any developments you're interested in. Within a couple of minutes, you'll be able to find a selection of some of the most important developments and get information about them, including number of buyers, floor plans, and prices. More customers = More demand = More units sold = More profits = More money in your pocket.
Increase Profits and Revenue
By using the Xondo platform, the developers and the investors can have a profitable business relationship. The investors have a quick purchasing process and will enjoy very low risk investments while developers get a great pool of buyers that will enable them to increase their profits and generate more revenue. The platform also reduces the paperwork hassle, so developers can focus on doing what they do best! Finally, Xondo will hook you up with our great team of realtors and support staff that are all focused on making your life easier, so you can avoid the hassle and the long hours associated with condo ownership. Our system has been developed in such as way that Xondo does not take possession or ownership of any of the units. We are only serving as a conduit between the potential owners and the developers. This allows us to be unbiased towards any developer or investor. We will always remain objective and impartial - All your money stays in your hands! The Process is fairly simple: 1. Sign up with Xondo in order to join our professional investor community along with our partners and friendly developer contacts. Complete your profile and verify your identity via our state-of-the-art vetting system which includes dual assurance by third parties across multiple platforms. Secure a minimum funding commitment to join our VIP Club of High Net Worth Investors which enables you to have access to exclusive opportunities across properties and cities worldwide! 2. Connect directly with the Developers in order to learn more about their upcoming opportunities. When a new Pre-Construction Condo project is added to our system we automatically send you the corresponding information via email so you can easily connect directly with developers about the condo projects of your choice for unlimited information about the property and location etc. This gives you ample time to review any information you want, negotiate pricing or financing related questions or even see that location in person before finalizing your decision on whether to finalize your purchase or not. 3. Search properties across North America and around the Globe for hundreds of projects for sale through our easy-to-use website platform - with over $1billion US completed sales under our belt, Xondo knows what's happening in this space first-hand! 4. Get first access to exclusive opportunities available to clients that are Xondo VIP Club Members only. There is no pressure to hurry through our platform because we have an ironclad satisfaction guarantee policy when it comes to all our clients! 5. When you find that project that has all of your criteria, simply finalize a purchase online through our simple one-page checkout process which includes live real time quotes from various banks enabling homeowners to shop around for interest rates, putting even more money back into your pocket! Now choose whether you wish to make your purchase outright or finance your purchase (we found this option helps many people go through with purchase). With credit-worthy applicants we can provide quick approvals on RUM or LOC mortgages from Canadian banks OR Global Capital Partners for down payments from 80% up to 95%.
We do all this work, so you don't have to
The Xondo team has spent time painstakingly sifting through all of the larger real estate and property management companies in Ottawa. We were looking for companies that really did it better, companies that were offering something unique, something special. We wanted to find the companies you might not have even heard of, yet they continue to shine brighter and brighter, even if they are lesser known. We’ve taken the time to dig into all of the details to reveal just what it is that we found rather special in each company. The team behind XONDO does not accept payment for any of their listings or services. All of their promotions are independent and based on their personal experience and interactions with each company.
Earn double digit ROI with an Ottawa pre-construction investment
Investors may not realize it but there are thousands of people looking to invest in the hot condo development scenes today in Canada. With a growing number of high profile, high rise, developments across Canada and worldwide, the potential for investors to pick up a hot, new piece of land that can yield huge returns is endless. For big name interest rates, investors can now buy into some of these unique developments in advance. These condos increase every year in value by about ten percent and investors could earn double digit ROI. With a growing movement towards urbanization, these condos are becoming hot, hot items on the market. For investors looking to secure their piece of heaven, Xondo provides individual accounts for investors. Use our unique Xondo platform to find your next place to live and make money with no long term commitment for any further obligations.
VIP access to the best Ottawa condos
Get VIP Access to the Hottest Upcoming Condos in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and many more cities. Let Us Help You Find the Best Investment in Real Estate by Giving You a First Look at Some of the Best Buildings and Locations Around the Globe. Xondo's team of executive condo specialists in Ottawa know what to look for when it comes to units that will offer great value over the long term. Our relationships with developers allow us to take pre-construction condos off the market before they're publicly released, giving you access to properties that are in high demand at a fraction of their original price. Xondo offers exclusive access to new projects in Canada and the USA at a fraction of market value. With our help, you'll have a well-informed opinion on the condo's financial performance before its public launch. Xondo is the best way for you to find high-end condos in major real estate markets across Canada and the globe. We use a thorough screening process to ensure you get access to only the best pre-construction units available. Companies that we work with also benefit from our VIP network, where they can reach out to investors who are interested in their projects. No more searching for hours on end with no results – our system connects you with only the best condo opportunities available today. With Xondo, you have a direct connection to the hottest upcoming condos in premier locations like Downtown Ottawa. Your VIP pass into some of the most sought-after new condos around the world is here! We connect you with exclusive developers and properties for a given city so that you can make informed decisions about your real estate purchases. Xondo is your key to easy, safe and lucrative returns by minimizing risk through insider information.
Get Exclusive Access to Condos
Exclusive access is now available at XONDO Inc. What condo project do you want to own? Which high-rise is going to be your new home? At XONDO, we provide an exclusive opportunity for investors to secure their spots in the world's top developers' most sensational projects. Contact us for VIP access to our most popular upcoming developments and purchase your condo unit before ANYONE else can! We've provided our services to thousands of homebuyers and investors. There has never been a better time to get started than today; in fact, we have many wonderful projects coming up, in Ottawa that we're sure you'll love.
We pass all of our exclusive Ottawa condos information to you!
Xondos system includes a vast range of information and services which are dedicated to providing a full and reliable picture of the project. We show you the latest project images, a list of features, and the most up to date progress reports. Xondo's focus on working closely with developers means we get all the information you need prior to us sharing it with you. Our extensive experience in real estate gives us valuable insight into the best and most exclusive condo units being built. And we pass all this valuable information onto you. Through our extensive relationships with developers, we can help facilitate access to some of the most exclusive pre-construction condo developments in Canada and beyond. The information we have includes photography, latest specs and info, pricing, and more. We produce videos to showcase the development site, location, and any available units. Once open, these videos have regularly been watched over 200 000 times. Xondo has proven to be an efficient way to work with developers and secure sought after preconstruction condo units across Canada. In fact, condo sales through Xondo have raised over 10 million dollars for various development projects around Canada. You can filter condos by city and type; we offer a wide variety of condominiums for sale including studio apartments, a-frame houses, townhouses, 2-bedroom apartments, 3-bedroom townhouses, 4-bedroom houses. You can filter out the best preconstruction condos in major cities across Canada by location or price point so you can find your next investment conveniently from your computer or mobile phone. Xondo doesn't just provide information about deals in your area, but information about deals worldwide as well; we cover global projects as diverse as New York City and Bangkok. No matter where you are based we will help you buy the unit that is right for you.
The Xondo Guarantee
* The Xondo Team is the best source for getting your VIP access to some of the most in-demand buildings across the nation. * We dedicate ourselves to staying up-to-date on all of the biggest, hyped buildings around the world. * We are one of the most trusted and credible sources for VIP access in the industry. * Exclusive Access to some of the biggest and sexiest buildings across Canada and many major cities worldwide. * Each of our listings is backed by our 100% money back guarantee. With XONDO you can find and gain access to the unsold units for some of the most exclusive buildings across Canada and major cities worldwide. We specialize in connecting our clients with units that not many other brokers know about, therefore giving our clients an advantage over their competition. By dealing directly with developers and condo projects, we are able to ensure our clients are getting the best possible deals available. By working with XONDO, you can save money while also experiencing an exceptional level of service. While we connect our clients with incredible deals, we also provide a multitude of other helpful tools to our clients. Our team of experts will help find your ideal unit by offering a system that guarantees to help you make your next real estate investment a success! We can help you find your ideal acquisition with ease as well as assist you with every aspect of closing the deal on your new home for years to come. Whether you are looking for a unit for yourself or for investment purposes, let XONDO work with you to find and secure your ideal space at one of Quebex' exclusive neighborhoods! WAXWOLF URL: Description: Waxwolf is an Artificial Intelligence startup that utilizes an innovative mix new AI techniques in image recognition to solve a very fundamental problem in eCommerce. We aim to streamline online shopping experiences by taking photographs of products and users verify that these products are what they are looking for and eventually make a purchase. Service: The technology is used to supply WAXWOLF's own eCommerce site, but it is a resource that applications can tap into via API. The API brings two functionalities: automated pricing intelligence and automated product verification. The first functionality is what makes things like Amazon Polly possible - it provides "variable pricing" for products by taking into account factors we have determined are important for determining price. Today these factors include product type, color/pattern, size, make-up, etc... However there will be additional factors in the future once we have gathered more data if required (i.e weather). The second functionality allows users to upload images from their website or other platform, provide product details (i.e barcode), along with the product URL and receive WAXWOLF's analysis on whether or not this product meets their needs (e.g does this food processor have 4 blades). There have been other similar services that have come online recently but they require entering product details manually which as you can imagine creates inefficiencies in understanding what people are looking for -- leading people to allocate more time or effort in search than it should take or leading customers down the wrong path when they cannot find what they want via traditional methods (i.e compare images). In operation, WAXWOLF's AI service is much more efficient than manual methods because we allow users to show us exactly what they want -- rather than forcing them select options they do not actually care about or would otherwise avoid wasting time on in order search through a limited selection of products (perhaps low quality photography, lack of inventory variety, etc). WAXWOLF  welcomes experienced programmers with specialization in
Xondo: Designed For the Investor, by the investor
As a buyer of condo investment properties, it's important to have access to properties before the general public, we at Xondo understand this concept. As a result, we have created a platform that gives investors in the best pre-construction condominium projects VIP access to their real-estate before anybody else. Our platform is designed for the investor, by the investor and is tailored to provide investors with all the information they need during the transaction process to acquire condo property. We feature some of the hottest projects in Ottawa which gives our investors access to new developments and also provides them a leg up on the competition. We are always available to answer any questions you may have and will take care of everything on your behalf. Get access to some of the top developers across Canada today through our platform such as Haven, CA Developments, Minto Group, Tridel and more. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
What are pre-construction condos?
For those who are unaware of what pre-construction condos are, these are premium properties that are still being built. Once construction is completed, units from these buildings can sell for at least twice their value. In fact, many people have made millions investing in pre-construction properties that have increased in value by 500% to 2,000%. Investors have chosen to purchase units from Xondo for these reasons: New condo developments offer potential buyers an opportunity to purchase a home that not only keeps up with current trends but also for citizens who plan to travel or relocate without worrying about selling. Many developers who are launching new developments believe it's wise to sell off a certain percentage of their inventory at an early stage to help stabilize funding while they continue developing their project. Previously not available to most consumers and hard to locate, Xondo makes it easy to view luxury condo projects in cities across Canada. These exclusive listings are often done on a first-come-first-serve basis so it's crucial that you contact our experts today if you're looking to invest in one of these amazing emerging locations. There are two approaches when it comes to investing in pre-construction condos: Having an inside connection with a developer who can secure you an early spot is crucial because most consumers don't have connections at this level. By putting Xondo's extensive network of contacts to use for you, our experts can get you into the building for a fraction of the cost. Not only does this approach save you time and money but it also saves you from having to use a realtor or spending hours contacting numerous developers for information about upcoming projects before they are officially released.
Each of our projects is examined by our team of experts
Major cities are very appealing to investors who are looking for a great place to start their investment portfolio, but, it’s often difficult to find condominiums that are currently available to the public before they sell out. This is something that we are working to change and this is one of the reasons why we created the Xondo platform. The Xondo platform was designed to provide a VIP pass for investors looking to invest in lucrative condo developments. Developers don’t want their projects to show up online until the selling period has started, so the real challenge for investors looking to invest in real estate is finding condos before they go on sale to the general public. Xondo works with the best developers in Canada and abroad, so each one of our projects is specifically handpicked by our team of analysts, who look at projects from every angle. They examine and test every corner, every detail and offer valuable insight and advice for both developers and investors. The same team offers incredibly valuable insight for buyers of new and resale homes, helping to make even stale neighbourhoods desirable again. We help drive new development in great locations that have been ignored for years Without a doubt, one of the best features that we offer is our developer relations team, a unique feature that comes from our affiliation with a powerful development holding company. This team has pretty much every developer on speed dial, resulting in insider access and private sales on many developments that would otherwise be off-limits. We know exactly how to position investors and we share all of these tips and tricks on our platform!
Hey Ottawa investor, this!
Over the past couple of months, Xondo has had the pleasure of working with some wonderful investors in Ottawa. We love working with smart and motivated individuals that know how to make money and we heavily encourage you to be one of them. With limited inventory, prices are continuing to rise in Ottawa and Xondo has the ability to give you an insiders look at some of the most exclusive developments in town. With our connections we are able to provide unique opportunities that you normally wouldn't get without our help. The unit will also be owned by a holding company and not your personal name, so that your ownership will remain private to yourself and the public.
Wouldn't you like FREE VIP access to Ottawa's finest pre-construction?
Our premier model can eliminate everything that can lead to regret, including strategic negotiations and miscommunication.  The Xondo team has developed an online platform to allow more opportunities in the buying process. Xondo is essentially the breath of fresh air the Canadian condo industry has been waiting for. We provide a valuable, VIP platform for investors to quickly communicate with developers that could lead to free access to luxury condos across Canada and major cities all over the globe. With the Xondo platform, you are guaranteed the best value for your investment opportunity. You investors no longer have to rely on families and friends or a real estate agents for opportunities and deals. With our unique platform, you will have direct access to pre-construction opportunities like you've never seen before. Our premier model eliminates what can lead to regret, including miscommunication and missed opportunities, by providing a specialized service to our investors as well as our local cities and municipalities. We've made the opening process even easier by providing our account officers to help guide you through any questions you may have throughout the process.
Xondo is perfect for your real estate portfolio!
If buying a pre-construction condo was your dream, you may be thinking about how to realize it. The Pre-construction market is extremely attractive and offers very attractive deals on brand new condos either for resale or for a primary residence. However, the process is extremely difficult for all the investors and particularly for foreigners. The information is scattered and you are forced to run around from one real estate company to another because no one is talking. Xondo is at your disposal to assist you in purchasing condos at pre-construction phase! Xondos mission is to change the way people currently look at pre-construction condominium ownership. Navigating thru pre-construction period can be problematic as there is no one to look after your best interest at hand. With Xondo, investing in pre-construction condos will be easier than you ever thought possible. Xondo is here to serve you with all your real estate needs and questions! -The Listing Parties are selected after an extensive market analysis. Each Project has its own tailored team of account managers, market analysts and lawyers that cater to your specific needs and ensure that everything is in place to allow smooth transactions. Our priority is to provide excellent client service above all else. Every seller wants to get the best price for their property. Xondo will do such analysis and present your unit to widest range of potential buyers possible and maximize the exposure of your unit on our system. This will help you get the highest price possible for the property.- Xondo offers accurate pricing analysis of all the new developments, which ensures that you always bid above market value and beat out other investors. Our platform allows direct interaction between you and the developer, in addition to helping you eliminate uncertainty in the transaction with full online documentation. Xondo provides high traffic exposure and we are proud of the fact that many registrants of our website already made a decision after browsing Xondo’s featured units only – saving tens of thousands of dollars on realtor fees entirely by themselves! – There are some new developments available on Xondo today giving you an incredible deal! We focus on acquiring only those new developments that offer great potential for potential growth. That
Best investment of your life! Customise your condo before it is even built!
You have been dreaming of the sort of investment that would make all your friends envious, but you've never been able to find the right project. Well, Xondo has found it for you — a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo developments today! Thousands of satisfied clients from Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver have already discovered Xondo, an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo developments in Canada. These VIP investors are invited to view the fully functional and detailed models before the general public. Xondo users have early access to view real-time models in 3D, so they can experience what their dream unit would be like in real life. They can view their unit with their customized finishes such as cabinetry, tiles and flooring. They can experiment with different design elements, explore different layouts to size their space, all in 3D! Xondo provides access to VIP Condos’ floor plans, so users can experience precise details including high-end designer kitchens and bathrooms or function rooms. Users can go through each detail and determine which items they find appealing and which items they don’t. Users will have access to interactive models where they can rotate and zoom in and out of each model space.
Where all our VIPs have been treated like V.I.P's.
We are introducing a new type of luxury that is sure to change the way you buy and sell real estate. The model of an exclusive vertical is radically changing the landscape of new building opportunities. This new model, which is focused on selling units prior to a condo project breaking ground, is being replicated globally, with dozens of new buildings coming on board in cities all over. It's all about what we call Quality Constrained Pricing. The process for becoming a VIP member takes very little effort on your part. You simply register your interest through our website, fill out a brief questionnaire and we will do the rest. As an exclusive condo vertical is created, Xondo will match your criteria and place you on our invite-only access list. Once you're on our list, we will email to you details on any Xondo VIP Building that is being launched within the geographical area you've selected using the Xondo user-friendly search tool. Just choose your destination, building and price range and let us know you're interested in having a private viewing. The best part is that you're under no obligation to buy. As soon as you register your interest, we'll take care of the rest and contact the developer for you to see the un-launched Condo project first-hand. You'll have the opportunity to view complete floor plans, all interior finishes, residential finishes and amenity concept boards with the complete list of designers and suppliers involved in each project before anybody else can!
Why Choose Xondo?
Built With Community, For Community. Contrary to other companies out there in the same type of business, we at Xondo are committed to building and serving our community of people who are looking to invest in their futures with quality developments across Canada. At Xondo, it’s not just about providing VIP access to where you want to invest, but opening doors for long-lasting relationships built upon trust between you and the community at Xondo. We value our customers’ individual needs, which is why we have made it our mission to have our transactions and support teams be knowledgeable in answering all questions and helping out in any way we can.
Our Services
No matter if you are looking for a top-tier unit in major city, an astonishing penthouse in one of the most expensive and luxury neighborhoods or the most luxurious unit in a beachfront project in the Caribbean, Xondo will ensure that you get what you want. Xondo provides a wide range of services including but not limited to: • Market analysis and pre-purchase advice • Condo development marketing • On-going investor relations with developers and companies • High-End unit purchase opportunities • VIP Access pre-construction condos • Database Management services • Executive suite sales & marketing
Do You Have A Condo Problem? We can solve it
If you're interested in pre-construction condos, you've probably heard about the Xondo app. Maybe you've even heard it's a knockoff of another company that's already in that niche. There are a lot of details to unpack when considering something like this and you'll want to read up on what we do. If you're considering investing in real estate, especially if you're looking to purchase a condo, then these options will be familiar to you. You'll likely also recognize the names coming from organizations like the Canada Revenue Agency and Revenue Quebec with regards to property flipping.