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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos San Diego

We a specialized corporation that takes care of all the aspects of building, planning, architecture and construction. Our motto is to regulate and obey all laws that are applied in our fields of work. We have versatile home designs for you to choose from. We like, through our professionals, to provide quality services and products. We are here to guide you in your choice of home and ensure that you will find your own style to fit your family.
At Xondo, we have access to all of the best upcoming projects so you don't have to. It's quick, efficient, and above all it is safe. Our soft launch was early March 2017 and as a result we have already had 12 people invest in 4 different condo developments. By investing at Xondo you can be guaranteed to receive an invaluable investor kit about the complete benefits of helping fund these new condos. Little to no money is required to obtain one of the most sought after products on the market today, Just fill out an application from and you will be contacted shortly before the project begins!Xondo- The New Way to Invest in Condos In the past, investing in a condo was a confusing, long, and stressful process with minimal success rates. Nowadays, there are still a lot of people who are struggling to find landlords and manage their expenses with no piece of mind. At Xondo, we have created a way for non-developers to easily invest into new condo developments while maintaining the rental income coming direct to them at almost zero cost to them. That's right! Zero cost to you- the investor. Xondo allows investors to focus on what they do best while we work with you to connect you with the best new opportunities in construction, allow you to have secure VIP access allowing you to complete due diligence with no worries right down to facilitating legal agreements and ongoing bookkeeping! Interested? To learn more, visit our website at or contact us directly by phone at 647-883-0555.
The premier Toronto condo board sales specialistPre-construction condos Toronto has been competing against all real estate markets in Canada. It has caused a significant increase in pre-construction sales all across the country. Despite declining condo market in 2016 and below expectation 2017, pre-construction condo sales are expected to remain strong.” The price of units starting under $350,000 is considered to be affordable and there’s a significant increase in demand for them “, said Francesco Caranci, Urbanation;s Senior Vice President. If you're not living in Toronto yet and you want to buy an affordable unit, you can try Toronto Real "TOP LIST" section and look for pre-construction condos.
XONDO is the platform that caters exclusively to investors looking to rent their condo units and it provides a wonderful service for homeowners looking to get into the hottest developments.XONDO is the platform that caters exclusively to investors looking to rent their condos and it provides a wonderful service for homeowners looking to get into the hottest developments. Owners looking to rent their condo units don't have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees and brokers and XONDO handles the marketing, updating information and helping owners connect with potential renters so they will rent faster. We handle communication, screening, offers and all that you need for happy renters. For renters, XONDO opens up a world of condo opportunities without having to spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars in fees. XONDO helps owners pay for the upgrades in rentals, costs for keeping up the unit and shares any unused profits with the renter. Our model is low maintenance and uncomplicated so it works well for both renters and owners. Hospitality: XONDO is the new alternative to renting or selling your condo today. Automotive: XONDO is the new alternative to buying or servicing your car today. Healthcare: XONDO is the new alternative to finding a physician or getting health insurance today. ICO
Condominium Resale is a great way to get into some of the best pre-construction condo projects across Canada. If you feel like purchasing your next home for the lowest possible price, this could be the answer for you. Investing into real estate, in general, is something that has grown tremendously over the past few years. With clients who are demanding a one of a kind system from our platform, Xondo has developed this unique opportunity for you to secure your next place to live. With rates for pre-construction condos being significantly lower than the rate for properties after the government's 13% tax increase in 2016, buying pre-construction is an opportunity that all investors should take advantage of. Once you're a VIP member on Xondo, you get access to upcoming pre-construction condos in Toronto which are guaranteed to be reserve enough for you. Your membership will allow you to be sent access to all the important details, while giving you an automatic discount on all purchases. Category:
The two bedroom two bath is a beautiful home with hardwood flooring and open concept. The living room features doors that open to a patio with great privacy. The master bedroom features a walk-through closet and a en-suite bath and the second bedroom also has a full bathroom. Extended SEO Content:Introducing the incredible new Westwood condo at Sheppard avenue and Allen road. This brand new property is one of the most attractive mid-rise condos currently on the market in Toronto and surrounds. The building itself has been designed by a world renowned architecture firm and will be built and managed by North America's top property management company. With first class sales offices located in the heart of downtown Toronto you will never be more than a few steps away from your dream home.
What is Xondo? Xondo is PRIMARY We PRE-CONSTRUCT world-class developments Xondo Marketing is Unlike the Rest. As an Invest Early and Be First Investor, you can gain priority access to the hottest new luxury condo developments - before they're even built. With a narrowed-down list, you'll find the one best suited to your needs and your lifestyle.Learn more..Xondo offers a unique service to real estate investors who are looking to cash in on new developments as they become available. The developers benefit from an increase in foot traffic when the units are released and sold, which is why they love having us involved with their projects. An experienced and experienced account manager is there to answer any questions you may have about a particular property or the distribution conditions and provide you with other resources such as 2D drawings, 3D simulations, floorplans and renderings. Xondo's relationship managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo Marketing is unlike the rest. If you are an early investor in a pre-construction development, you can get the best units without traffic congestion, which allows you maximum peace of mind. Xondo offers several benefits of pre-construction investments, including gaining a head start on the market and obtaining an advantage in real estate. The first three months of a pre-construction launch are crucial. Structured marketing can have an exponential impact on sales by generating greater revenue than traditional activities like direct mail or telemarketing within just a few weeks. As an early investor, Xondo Marketing can help you keep pace with competitors by providing valuable information you need. Learn more about how it works
VIP access to the best pre-construction condo developments in San Diego
Xondo is a revolutionary platform that empowers investors to engage with one of the biggest real estate developments in the United States at one of its earliest phases. We possess a unique power that allows our investors to secure the best deals possible at San Diego's biggest and sexiest new residential projects. Pre-construction condos from Xondo feature waterfront views, high-end finishes, and luxurious penthouses, all of which have been designed by some of San Diego's top architecture firms. Xondo is the premier VIP access for the best pre-construction condos in San Diego.Xondo is a revolutionary online platform that caters to investors and homeowners across the globe. Our innovative style allows us to connect our investors with big-name developer projects in both Canada and the United States. Xondo will make sure you secure your key VIP passes to some of the most luxurious upcoming condo developments in San Diego, Canada, and some other major cities across America and Europe. We are able to do this due to our unique power that allows us to invest with developers at the very early stages before anybody else. This gives us the power to secure some of the largest and most luxurious pre-construction projects out there today. Xondo offers exclusive tours of these impressive developments before anybody else, giving you the chance to view them first and foremost before they hit the market. If you're an investor or homeowner looking to enter into a pre-construction condo in San Diego, Canada, London, or anywhere else in America and Europe, then Xondo is your VIP pass into world-class developments that can't be found anywhere else worldwide. Anyone up for launching a new copywriting startup? Be sure to check out our introductory post for tips on where you can start your sales campaign. Thanks for reading! Need help with sales & marketing for your content business? Email us at
Pre-construction condo developments in San Diego
 We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process.Investors have multiple options when it comes to purchasing condos in major cities like Los Angeles and Toronto, however, the major problem is that there are a lot of hidden fees involved in purchasing these high rises, which become apparent only after the deal is done. The dream of owning luxury properties at a discounted price is what led to the creation of Xondo. Investors are now able to take advantage of lower price points due to our partnership with the builders and developers. We provide the best condo deals for our clients without having to worry about hidden fees or unexpected charges. Our services give people an exclusive opportunity to buy pre-construction condos at a discounted price. Securing a spot in major cities like Toronto and Los Angeles is easier than ever thanks to Xondo and it's exclusive services. We provide VIP access deals to our clients by providing them with an organised platform where they can choose from some of the best pre-construction condos while ensuring their spot in the building is secure. We assist clients in securing their spot prior to the general public and give them 24/7 access in order to make sure that their opinion is valued and heard. A New Way To CrowdFund
V.I.P treatment from developers
We're experts in the world of condo development. If you're interested in buying into an existing pre-construction condo project, contact us to see which developments we have available in your area. We provide a unique service for pre-construction condos because of our partnership with developers. We have a wide variety of projects that are launching across Canada, and we specialize in helping our clients buy units in these developments before they become available to the public. Let us know what you're interested in and we'll find the perfect condo development for you. Not only will you get VIP access, but we also provide you with a team of product experts that will walk you through the entire process. Our philosophy at Xondo is simple - we will do whatever it takes to get our clients into the best pre-construction developments across Canada. This means that you won't have to worry about anything. As a client of Xondo, we'll take care of you every step of the way.You’re probably asking yourself ‘What exactly is a pre-construction condo?’ Great question! Pre-construction means that the project hadn't yet been built. Developers of these projects are building condos privately and aren’t making them available to the public yet. These condos are sold during this period through a series of private offerings that are designed to get units sold before they even hit the market and get scooped up by regular buyers. These units are often great deals because they’re coming from developers who still want to sell their units at a high profit, but don’t have time to wait for their project to sell once it hits the market. This means if you sign up for an Xondo account, we can help connect you with our vast network of developers, who will be more than happy to let us assist them in selling off their inventory before their project reaches completion. We’re specialists in this type of pre-construction condo sales, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure that your dream condo becomes a reality.We know how important it is for all our clients to do their research when they’re interested in purchasing a condo development. The last thing we want is for our clients to be buying into a development that isn’t right for them. Luckily, there are quite a few things that you can do to help ensure that you’re getting into the right development before you buy. It’s important to remember that just because a development hasn’t reached completion yet doesn't mean it isn't still worth investing in. There are a number of valuable ways that you can do your research on potential projects, but one of the best ways is by checking out the community reports for completed projects nearby. To give you an example – say one of our clients wanted to invest in a project underway by ABC Development Corp., and they wanted to make sure this developer was reputable before investing tens of thousands of dollars on their new condo. Well it would make sense to research other developments built by this developer and see what kind of reputation they have by checking out some local community reports or by asking local agents about their experience working with this developer before making a decision to invest in their project. In many cases, there is some valuable insight into how well developers will treat investors after the sale has gone through by checking out what people have said about these projects online years after the initial sale took place. Our agents work hard behind the scenes to help investors get the best deal possible on these pre-construction condos, and one of the best ways we can ensure this happens is by doing as much
San Diego's top 5 pre-construction condo projects
Xondo, a premium real estate agency, has the most detailed developments of San Diego pre-construction condo projects for investors who want to acquire VIP access in the most popular projects in San Diego.XONDO is one of the areas premier real estate agencies. They specialize in pre-construction condos and can provide people with VIP access to some of the best projects in San Diego. They have all of the details and can provide investors with detailed information on various projects so they can determine which ones are right for them. They have a website that is extremely detailed and identifies which projects are the best available options right now. XONDO can give people the details they need to make a smart investment in one of these amazing properties. They have a full list of all of the layouts, floorplans, features, and amenities that each project has to offer. Some of the condo projects even come with additional features like underground parking and private elevators. These kinds of details help determine how much value there is in each project and will appeal to investors who want the biggest bang for their buck. XONDO specializes in helping buyers get access to properties like these and can offer them details about each project along with information on how to get reservations for them. X -Fiction Description: We provide powerful tools to make this challenge a lot easier, faster and less painful than it could be, including original AI-driven content generation, online NLP integration and a set of APIs/SDKs. We generate intelligent content; we enhance stakeholders communication; we unify marketing communication along different business areas: websites, blogs, landing pages, social media feeds, printed materials, etc. We drive your business by creating Content Operations Hub with AI at its core: we enhance your marketing strategy implementation with an AI-driven Content Solution that generates personalized content recommendations based on your unique situation and requirements. It can be used to build more flexible knowledge management system when it comes to blogs, surveys and surveys or legal content as well as any other type of content that you need on your website, blog or social media page.
VIP access to the best pre-construction condo developments in Toronto
We realize that no two investors have the same goals or financial situations and this should be reflected in the content that we generate on a regular basis. "How-To's", news articles and general information regarding condo projects are all published but in a way that makes sense depending on the goals of an individual investor. One area where we can always use improvement is in the search engine optimization of our content. The majority of our content is generated by developers and real estate agents who are associated with the project. This is great for the reader because it provides a context that wouldn't be present if it were written by an SEO company. Ultimately, however, SEO is too important to leave up to someone who is not aware of what they are doing. If you are going to produce content on the internet, then you should make sure that it is going to rank high in the search engines. We will never send any one of our clients off to some off-shore SEO agency because we don't think that there is any point in trying to save money. All of the major players in the SEO industry are located within North America and Canada specifically. We also feel that there would be a conflict when making recommendations to our clients about which SEO company to use if we sent them out to some other country. We are able to provide services for a lower cost because we do work with our clients directly and we don't have to pay for translation services like many other companies do. All of the content is produced in English and then translated into French and Chinese.
Pre-construction condo developments in Toronto
Xondo has a huge selection of pre-construction condo in Toronto that are coming soon. We love the diversity in condo design and value the opportunity to showcase such a significant difference in quality from one project to the next. We have analyzed the Toronto condo market over the last year and realized that it is time for us to offer our clients something more than just property purchases. We opened our doors officially in 2015 during the height of the GTA condo boom and have been proud to be an active participant throughout the rise in Toronto condo prices. You name the Torontonians who have lived in a Xondo condo, and we will probably point out their building and express the pride we’ve had while watching these condos in development grow into what they are today.
V.I.P treatment from developers
Become a VIP before anybody else can! There’s no other service like it.Many of the hottest, most expensive buildings are sold to V.I.P. investors first. Developers don’t want the world knowing their plans. At Xondo, this is where our connections and expertise come into play. We give V.I.P. access to pre-construction condos for a fraction of what you’d be charged in person. Xondo opens doors for investors who want to plan ahead for their next move or just see what’s coming down the pipeline. Xondo’s account managers can also give advice about market trends and whether or not to buy for a long-term hold or to rent it out. Even if you choose not to jump on the condo train yet, we offer access to other major cities around the globe (US, South America, Europe) that might be an ideal place for your next business venture or retirement. Either way, we can hook you up with a pre-construction condo development that will suit your needs. Bing: Developer and Builder Angie's List: Best Home Contractors Review content: "We have been extremely happy with this company, and would recommend them above any we have ever worked with." - Ann Novitsky, Merion Station, PA Review content: "All American Exteriors successfully installed my roof and downspout system back in March of 2013. I have now lived through a hot summer and a brutal winter, yet my roof and deck look almost as good as they day they were installed." - Frank Quaranto, Wynnewood, PA Review content: "I wanted new gutters and downspouts on my home but didn't want an enormous eyesore on the house for months on end, as I'd always heard that these projects took months to complete." - Paul Sledd, Broomall, PA Review content: "All American Exteriors stands behind their sales, which is more than can be said for most contractors." - Maria Zournas, Wynnewood, PA Review content: "We had a new roof installed by All American Exteriors and they did a fantastic job." -Peter Inedi, Bala Cynwyd, PA Review content: "Roof looks great! Crew was polite, punctual and completed the job as promised" - Jayne Conboy Review content: "From start to finish a good experience with them." - Dawn McGlynn Review content: "They were equally as thrilled to use my referral." - Frank Tusa
Toronto's top 5 pre-construction condo projects
Xondo VIP Pre-construction Condo Investing System – For InvestorsXondo VIP Pre-construction Condo Investing System – For Investors You're probably asking yourself why you should choose Xondo pre-construction condo investing. Well, they're a good choice if you're looking to invest in one of the best pre-construction condo projects in Toronto today. These are some of the best projects in Toronto and you can guarantee demand for them. In contrast to speculation, which is investing in Toronto real estate without any confirmation the units will be sold by the time they're complete, pre-construction condo investing allows investors to secure a condo prior to construction commencing. As an investor, you'll never have to deal with illiquidity risk associated with owning a property that's not complete. Prices aren't volatile because price decreases experienced post-construction are linked to the unit's performance. If you choose to invest in Xondo's pre-construction condos, you'll have access to our coordination service and account managers who'll help every step of the way to ensure you have an easy experience and get the best value. For homeowners looking to get into a beautiful condo project and want to be able to live in one of their favourite cities, Xondo is their best option to affordably do large purchases when the right situation presents itself. The discount offered by knowing about pre-sales and early access is a great bargaining chip that gives homeowners peace of mind and a great opportunity to take advantage of market conditions. Knowing about condo projects can save homeowners a lot of money too – many homeowners follow us on social media so they can find opportunities where they can make big savings. We outline how we want homeowners to enjoy our process through our Xondo VIP Pre-construction Condo Investing System – For Homeowners section below. But first we want to explain some of our benefits, because we know there are some red flags out there regarding who to invest with and what the process entails like with most things related to real estate these days. We fully admit that there will be personal information about deals on our platform that haven't been announced yet, but we can assure you that we only promote units that have a realistic chance of selling out, which means that we won't just promote anything that developers want us to promote while they're pregnant with another project or a family member wants their future house featured in the media so they trick investors into thinking it's something it's not! If there are details about an upcoming project that we can share with consumers without breaching contractual obligations, we will – but only when it's ready for us to talk about. So before investing anywhere, take your time and look for any red flags (i.e., if something seems too good to be true). If other investor groups have highly positive reviews about the experience they've had using programs like ours and say there's no truth behind fake reviews posted on our behalf by competitors, then it would be fair for you to trust our experience too! As an investor from Toronto or from another city interested in buying into one of Xondo's pre-construction condos and being part of our VIP program which means you'll be eligible for massive savings when available on every development and be in line for every new release when they come out...your job is simple – just contact us, enroll, purchase pre-construction condos at exclusive member-only conditions while they're still inexpensive (but not always), and wait until they're built. Then sell them on the secondary market or re-sell them to other investors at a considerable markup once they're complete or re-invest them at preferred rates through us if you liked how
Top 5 pre-construction condo projects in Toronto
Toronto, the political, economic and cultural capital of Canada has a very interesting dynamic. It is the most populated city in Canada and fourth largest in North America. Being relatively close to the United States and also being at the same time, an important Canadian maritime port, means that there is a dynamic exchange of news and views between the two countries, Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world and attracts many international companies who wish to invest in this business port and all the locations surrounding it. Toronto's skyline is ranked among the top 25 best city skylines in the world, it holds the title of most number of high rise buildings in Canada and one of the largest transit systems in North America. The city is bordered by Lake Ontario on the south, and three rivers, the Humber River in the west, Don River east and Rouge River north; this beautiful Canadian city has a lot to offer but home prices have been increasing year over year for a long time now. Searches for houses or condos for sale or rent therefore are becoming harder and harder to find. This combined with mass immigration to Toronto from central and eastern Europe, Asia, United States, Caribbean countries as well as many other countries means that there is a real need for finding and presenting properties at their best level. What makes Xondo so unique and different from any other company is that they have done all their research beforehand. They know what top 5 pre-construction units are on the market right now in Toronto; they know which areas of town those units are in; they also search out what developers currently have rights to build condos on any given parcel of land. By doing all this research they can present to you when they find one of these rare deals.  These top units are discounted at 10-30% off list price right before soft launch! By getting these rare opportunities first you will get the best possible deals for your money! Let Xondo be your guide in this amazing process! Extended SEO Content:The latest reports from TD Economics have shown that it's no secret that Toronto's housing market has been rapidly increasing since 2011, with 2017 being by far the hottest year yet for house prices in our city – with no let up in sight! It is expected that over 100 000 new homes will be sold in 2018 alone! Those who view home ownership as one of their primary goals for living here should therefore look for ways to get onto this extremely sought after property ladder cheaply or even for free. When investment opportunity gives you a way to maximize your potential return on investment by taking advantage of set pre-construction prices on some of the hottest new condos coming to market right now it is fiscally prudent behavior to act quickly before these invitations vanish! Extended SEO Content:Xondo has done an exhaustive search across all major developments in downtown Toronto currently slated to begin construction during 2017 fall/winter release cycle. Here are our top 5 pre-construction condo projects that investors should consider first! Extended SEO Content:Address: Bathurst St. & Blue Jays Way #640 Property Information: By far our most expensive offering on this list because this residence will be a penthouse! This amazing 2 level condo move on up offering views that are second to none with 12 foot ceiling heights on both main floor level and a massive 15 foot ceiling heights on the well appointed upper floor master bedroom area. The master walk-in closet could easily share space with anyone's family room as there is so much space inside of it as well as 2 others along with 2 additional laundry rooms one included at this price point. The grand stairway at mid-point of main floor living is something rarely seen at this level of purchase that
VIP access to the best pre-construction condo developments in New York City
We will provide you and the developers a platform to let you both coordinate and get through the process easily. We work very closely with developers to make sure they have the best prospects looking at their future condos and apartments and we work just as hard to make sure our investors have access to the best upcoming condo developments in New York City.Did you know that there are thousands of people waiting in long lines outside of various condo developments across New York City? Developers build anticipation around their projects through numerous advertisements and publications that are discovered by the public. This, in turn, increases the demand for their new units and properties. As you can imagine, this is a very competitive list. Be that as it may, Xondo has managed to create a VIP pass where investors can get priority access over these clients that are looking to purchase property before anybody else. We cater to both investors as well as homeowners by providing them a platform where they can coordinate with developers. Investors and homeowners should not be looking for similar properties because a developer has something for both parties. Xondo helps investors secure a location for their future home or investment and homeowners get one step closer to securing their dream condo today.
Pre-construction condo developments in New York City
Xondo provides VIP access to pre-construction condo projects in New York City, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver that are about to launch. Xondo helps secure your purchase with a guaranteed price before the launch date. Extended SEO Content:  Each month we get hundreds of calls and emails from people all over New York City looking for pre-construction condos, and more people contact us every day. If you have been searching for the best projects in the area, then it's time to contact us to get VIP access to the latest developments in your city that are just launching. We can help you secure your unit with a guaranteed price before the launch date.  Xondo is the best place to get access to pre-construction condo projects in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and New York City. We have a unique platform that caters to investors who want VIP access to top developments. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help answer any questions you may have. Xondo will be your VIP pass for scoring one of the most wanted units in major cities worldwide.
V.I.P treatment from developers
The developers/owners listed on the Xondo platform select their preferred investors. Most developers/owners will not go through a traditional bank's mortgage application process which could take up to six months to get approved.The Xondo platform was built so developers/owners could grant sales and investment opportunities to people looking to buy into the future developments. Anyone can register on the platform, however Xondo chooses who gets access to these exclusive offers. Once registered on the platform an investor will receive offers from multiple developers via our internal messaging system. This improves the speed that an investor can make the decision to choose a development and the developer can see in real time who is interested in their projects without waiting weeks or months for traditional options. Since the Xondo platform launched in 2012 we have had clients accelerate their buying time by up to 3 months on average. This also allows an investor to have a backup plan incase another developer says no to their offer. The fastest anybody has been able to buy into a development is 4 weeks until closing day. We develop, design, and optimize websites that rank on the first page of Google search results and we integrate our SEO strategies into all of our clients' marketing plans. The brands we work with are not only successful companies, but they are amazing organizations that are able to accomplish great things by building strong relationships with their customers. Our SEO strategies help create a foundation to grow and maintain a business. SEO is just one piece of our clients' marketing strategies, but it is an important piece that helps define our clients' brands online. Advisor SEO Content Write is a writer for our company who writes articles, press releases and blogs that optimize for search results for our clients and drives demand for one of their products or services. Additionally, advisors provide expert knowledge about common topics that both answers consumers' questions and establishes client as an expert in their niche area. Finally, Advisor SEO Content Write helps build your brand with user-generated content both organically and through crafted campaigns and contests. Nerdy Numbers & Stats: Shared (SEO) links are now 31% of all online traffic & since 2010, content shares have increased 300% [Summer 2016]  ·          18% of all page 1 Google search results links are shared [PLUS: Social sharing] Need more Traffic? Any idea where you want the search engines to rank your website, product or services? Need an experienced growth marketer with proven results to close new sales! Through proven keyword research and campaign management I can increase your visibility long term. Google is quickly favoring sites that offer rich media experiences that bring the users closer to becoming opt-in needed, it just happens naturally!
New York City's top 5 pre-construction condo projects
This is a curated page listing what I believe will be the 5 biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in New York City. These upcoming NYC developments have been hand selected not just because of their estimated price per square foot, but also for location and innovative features. I have spent countless hours researching all the newest NYC developments and believe these are the ones you really should focus on. These are my favorites and I think they will be your favorites as well! We absolutely do not accept payment from any developers for our services. Description Contents: Xondo wholeheartedly believes in a transparent, reliable and honest approach to the pre-construction condo investment business. To that end, we list only objective data and our own unbiased analysis while independently maintaining a direct line of communication with our clients. We advertise our own transparent disclosure that no developer has or will ever pay us for our services or to include their project on Xondo's platform — nor would we ever allow that. As an organization, Xondo collects thousands of New York City project updates on construction progress, community reviews, developer performance, site inspections; the information and data repeatedly used to give our members the most accurate analysis of The Big Apple's condo markets to date. Priced Out.  Founded by Montrealer Jodi Ettenberg in 2014, Packed is a curated packing list for your next trip that just takes 20 minutes to fill out. It contains specific & realistic recommendations to help save you time and tone down your panic before a trip. Packed has to-do lists for what you need to bring in carry-on & checked bags, packing tips and then shares resources, including lists from other travelers so you can find out what those who packed successfully did including Insider City Guides, Smart Travel Technique Videos, What I'm wearing Pinterest board, Travel Forums and more. Facebook:
Homeowners looking to get into a pre-construction condo project & investors looking to invest in multi-family residential real estate constructions that are less exposed the market volatility and offer more potential for growth
  Homeowners looking to get into a pre-construction condo project are on a fixed budget to get the best quality, location and value for money in the shortest period of time. Xondo provides a platform for homeowners to build a portfolio of condos throughout Canada and select cities around the world. Xondo is working with some of the largest developers around the world that have high demand/low supply condos. Developers are looking for a way to attract investors to purchase units prior to construction which typically shift that risk from themselves to the investor. Xondo allows investors to enter into agreements with developers and receive a return from milestones brought upon by construction. We have built an extensive database of condo developments that can be found on our website. Xondo is also partnered with developers offering strong support for our business model through Guaranteed Buyback Programs and other structures we can customize to fit any investor's specifications. MetaData: Genie described her Bot as: "A virtual assistant that manages your social media while you're managing your business! It's like having a gaggle of assistants that can do simple tasks you do each day instead of staying up late trying to remember."
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Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities across the globe.Xondo is a trusted real estate option for home buyers to get VIP access to some of the best condo developments across Canada and the major cities across the globe. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their unit before anybody else can. Xondo platform is unique which caters to both investors and homeowners who need help purchasing the next big pre-construction development in major cities, so no matter what type of client you are, Xondo has you covered. Doorstep Description: Tell your sales team what to say with your verified listing on Doorstep's mobile app, and fill your pipeline by reaching potential customers in their daily routine, driving traffic to your website, building your brand, and converting more leads.Doorstep is a solution that makes connecting property owners with buyers effortless. We developed an app that allows real estate agents to securely share their verified property listing information with prospective buyers while they are at home. Doorstep creates a new level of engagement between buyers and agents, providing a seamless buying experience while making more information available than ever before in such a simple manner. Xondo is a trusted real estate option for home buyers to get VIP access to some of the best condo developments across Canada and the major cities across the globe. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their unit before anybody else can. Xondo platform is unique which caters to both investors and homeowners who need help purchasing the next big pre-construction development in major cities, so no matter what type of client you are, Xondo has you covered. Discourse SEO
Xondo is an online platform that is
Xondo is more than just a way to sell condos to investors. At Xondo, we want to be your real estate partner in every sense of the word. We offer a one-of-a-kind online platform that connects real estate buyers with some of the finest condo developments in Canada today. No other platform operates the way that we do. We create an all-in-one system that makes it easy to learn about new properties as they become available and register your interest so that you can secure VIP status before anybody else has access. We then help you through the financing process so you can take ownership of your dream condo. You can count on Xondo for premium service at every step of this exciting process!At Xondo, we believe in putting the customer experience above all else. The goal of our website is to make the condo-buying process easier than ever before. We put you in direct contact with all kinds of new properties on the market, including commercial and residential condos alike. We provide you with a transparency that most other companies in the industry simply can't offer. Whether you're looking for information about condos in Toronto or Vancouver, you have come to the right place. Best of all, you don't have to wait for us to find an appropriate property. Just register your interest, and we'll notify you if something comes along that meets your criteria! Cash Back Fridays Description: Cash Back Fridays is cash back and coupon site that gives out sweet deals and discounts
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to coordinate with developersXondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities across the globe.
Xondo has developed a unique
Investors looking to secure VIP access to the best condo development need to look no further than Xondo. Our unique platform provides a service for investors and developers that is unlike any other. We offer the opportunity for investors to directly interact with developers and coordinately obtain their condo investment before it hits the market. Content:To take advantage of Xondo's VIP pre-construction condo service, register here. If you have any questions during the process, our team of account managers is available to guide you through it and get you the information you need.
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Giving back to our community is important to Xondo, especially when it comes to newfound wealth. Whether it's through donations, scholarships for university or microloans to aspiring entrepreneurs, we have established a charitable foundation that also has a philanthropic arm ( With this success, many emerging entrepreneurs ask us how we achieved those feats, and Xondo realized we had a responsibility to share what we know with the public. Xondo, therefore, decided to launch the Xondo Foundation to help new entrepreneurs both in Canada and around the world. We believe that young individuals pursuing their dreams is the foundation of life; we also know that being global citizens is important as well. Through our programs and educational workshops, we want to stimulate the next generation of leaders, not only in business but in all areas of life. #startup #entrepreneurship #skillsgap#skillsdevelopment #programming #machinelearning #artificialintelligence -
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From suites in downtown Toronto to condos in Miami, we thrive in pre-construction condo investment. There are dozens of reasons why your next home should be a new condo. Pre-construction allows you to customise your home from the size, maintenance fees and architectural design, to the location and more. One of the biggest perks is that you can lock in today’s price for a future home. At Xondo, we focus on getting investors access to the most exclusive and appealing new condo developments. A high-rise condo can be your next dream home. All you have to do is sign up for a free Xondo account and you will get guaranteed access to new pre-construction condo opportunities that are coming soon to your city.We have access to pre-construction condo opportunities that doesn’t last long. Register for your Xondo membership today! There are so many things that make us different than any other service out there. Our focus is on providing our members with excellent customer service and exceptional pre-construction condos opportunities year round. We go above and beyond to cater to the needs of our members. You will have a dedicated account manager to help with any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the process of investing in one of our pre-construction projects. We provide you with VIP access by providing huge discounts off of the original purchase prices as well as providing special incentives. You can be part of a project to be built in some of the major cities across Canada including Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and more. In major cities across North America including New York, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas, we have access to the largest and most exclusive pre-construction condo investment opportunities across the globe! From brand new locations with a modern feel to small boutique buildings surrounded by large trees, we provide access to large and small developments alike. Start your search now! There is no reason why you shouldn’t invest in pre-construction condominiums today! You can register for our service through our easy online accounts system or give us a call for immediate access! Evatran Description: Whether it's hands-free commutes or endless road trips, we love the SmarTrike because it gets everyone moving. However, most people change their minds when they realize its hefty $1,000 price tag. So what if there was an alternative? Well apparently there is: it's called (Centro) Elect version 3.0 . The American Centro is a utility/bike trike that resembles the SmarTrike in design and function but costs 75% less (only $275). It has all the basic features that you'll find on the SmarTrike: iPod/iPhone compatible audio system , storage bag , two speeds , etc. Despite being $775 cheaper than SmarTrikes, Evatran wants to sell you something extra -the Evatran E-Trike Kit ($225) which turns this trike into an electric vehicle.  It appears that they haven't paid attention to our recent post on Electric Vehicles – Scams & Hype where we've provided evidence that an average electric car in America (the Toyota Prius II) gets 42 MPG while costing 2–3 times as much with 3 times less range (only 35 miles ) than an average gas powered car ($20k Ford Focus gets 33 MPG and costs $11k ).  In contrast, Evatran's website offers no information on the trike's efficiency nor fuel economy rating nor range but it does mention 500W power, 12Ah battery (supposedly removable), and 16 mph max speed, but this information is