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New Pre-Construction Homes & Condos Singapore

Only the hottest pre-construction condo projects in Singapore 量子钻 ) is a leading online platform for pre-construction condo projects in Singapore. curates through the latest and hottest developments in Singapore and presents the information to you in a well-presented manner, so that you can make informed choices. Our platform also provides a service whereby we will assist you throughout your purchase journey of your dream home. We have established relationships with all major developers throughout the island and will be able to assist you with any questions or enquiries you may have.
Only the hottest pre-construction condo projects in Sydney
High quality content. Full disclosure. Customers reviews. Hot hot hot.Xondo Xonso is the best pre-construction condo real estate and investment platform in Australia. We service Sydney and Perth with new pre-construction condo developments that have not yet opened for sale, with more locations coming online soon in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and other major Australian cities. Our exclusive listings include new infill projects, new apartment towers, and new villa developments in Sydney. We specialize in hot pre-sales (new apartments or condos) that have penthouse units or rooftop terraces that are clearly visible to the neighbors, or future residents. Xonso allows people to invest in properties they will actually see while living there. Xonso has a strict screening criteria that each project must meet in order to be a part of our growing network of exclusive, pre-construction condo sales. Xonso is not just a listing site with pictures; we offer pre-construction condo reviews based on interviews with other buyers and first-hand testimonials from local, insider contacts on Google Places. Our cutting-edge search engine continuously analyzes street view images for any condo projects that are not being shown as completed within the search results, yet are claiming sales to be open. Xonso simply doesn't list every last new project, many of them don't even make it through the entire registration process. Xonso pre-sales are sold out prior to construction and can be delivered to the buyer long before any of their peers within the same development can move into their unit, or even see inside theirs. SearchCrafter: Description: SearchCrafter transforms business objectives into optimized content for search engine marketing (SEM) and online advertising campaign management delivered by powerful algorithms instead of human writers. Our platform is the next generation content management solution that brings automation and intelligence to today's complex and fast-evolving content generation needs in marketing automation, social media marketing, websites, and mobile content marketing solutions. SEM professionals worldwide value SearchCrafter for its ability to keep content fresh and up-to-date on multiple website platforms–regardless of size or complexity–across all languages and time zones, enabling brands to generate engagement across channels and target audiences more effectively with optimized content that drives higher engagement rates across web and social media sites – helping select winning ads skyrocket above their peers using sophisticated algorithms that continuously learn. This recent addition to SearchCrafter clients' arsenal is an algorithm based process that creates blog articles, news releases, press releases and featured articles that are video worthy. This video creation algorithm uses specific elements as a trigger to create content involving a video element including geo-location factors using maps, names of individuals using face recognition technology, keywords in the article aimed at triggering videos being created based upon the text of articles itself and other features developed by the Searchcrafter team of AI scientists around the globe. The Advanced Video Generation module complements existing automation capabilities offered by SearchCrafter including natural language generation (NLG), keyword insertion, media optimization and social media optimization (SMO).
How to crack the condo market?
You may have heard about the skyrocketing real estate market as condos are becoming increasingly more appealing to homebuyers and investors; but do you know how to get in on the action? Xondo is a comprehensive online platform for investors looking to secure VIP access to some of the hottest upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest, most sexiest developments in major cities across the globe. Xondo is powered by a network of developers, architects and construction firms, who are constantly looking into the best condo options across Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal), California, Florida, and internationally. Investing in a condo has never been easier but doing it successfully requires expert knowledge and platforms specifically created for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the hottest pre-construction condo projects.Today's real estate market is in a very good position. Building new properties has become more affordable to developers; there are more people interested in purchasing condos than ever before. Right now, more people than ever are interested in investing in condos – finding their homes in the fast commutes of big cities or simple neighborhoods full of local businesses, parks, schools, and more. Condos are becoming increasingly more appealing to homebuyers and investors; with new developments popping up all over Canada. The increasing interest in buying a condo is one of the major factors contributing to the rising real estate market. As demand increases, property prices follow suit – as homeowners try to capitalize on this rise in value, they sell their homes or rent out their properties. As a result of all this demand, condos can be very competitive – but you can get an unbeatable first glance at the best new condo developments by investing at Xondo so that you can navigate through a world full of hot new condos for sale before anyone else does. Xondo allows you to jump on board the hot trends in Canada's housing market with unparalleled access to condos with astonishing specifications and development details that you cannot find anywhere else. Each day we feature curated listings from developers across Canada; you'll get benefits like: VIP access before anyone else will have it A full breakdown of condo features Exclusive samples of floor plans A spot on the Xondo Investors Listing Board (showcasing your profile number) so you can be one of our top most highly recommended reviewers Faster answers from developers so you can move faster into your next investment This exclusive service is available through any web browser, tablet or smartphone! So when you're ready to invest in the perfect next property investment then start your search at Xondo – your one stop shop for investments across Canada (Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal) Florida & The World Today's real estate market is in a very good position. Building new properties has become more affordable to developers; there are more people interested in purchasing condos than ever before. Right now, more people than ever are interested in investing in condos – finding their homes in the fast commutes of big cities or simple neighborhoods full of local businesses, parks, schools, and more. Condos are becoming increasingly more appealing to homebuyers and investors; with new developments popping up all over Canada and the US (Vancouver, Toronto), London and the UK, Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo - Japan. The increasing interest in buying a condo is one of the major factors contributing to the rising real estate market as homeowners try to capitalize on this rise in value. As demand increases, property prices follow suit - as homeowners try to capitalize on this rise in value they sell their homes or rent out their properties.
What you have to know about getting into pre-construction condos
Xondo continues to move towards the forefront of real estate in Canada and around the world. We are now offering VIP access to their hottest deals to the public. Xondo has a variety of services that they offer and they would love to help you with any needs you may have. We are confident that Xondo is going to be a travel and we hope that you get on board early. As we continue to fight for pre-construction condos across Canada, we want to continue creating awareness for the benefits pre-construction condos provide. Pre-construction condo developments are becoming very hot in Canada and around the world. Homes are selling within a day or two, with the high demand for these construction gems. Xondo is going to continue to become a game changer in the pre-construction condo industry. They wish to keep customers up to date with all the new projects they will offer and be sure to contact Xondo today if you have any questions at all. Xondo remains a company that is dedicated to its users and strives to put them first at all times!
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Become one of the first people to move into the most popular condos and homes today. Xondo will show you the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and major cities worldwide. The biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada The number one most searched pre-construction condo development in Calgary, Esquire Residence, is already selling VIP Access The Corso is one of the most popular condos in Edmonton that thousands of investors around the globe have already bought VIP Access for Click here for Luxury Condo Projects in Edmonton and Calgary The last thing you want to do is wait in line behind thousands of other investors for the coolest condo developments across Canada. Let Xondo give you a VIP pass to the hottest pre-construction condo projects right now, including this one in Toronto that launched on Monday Use Xondo's platform to pay 1% higher than the asking price on any property Xondo is working on. Great savings like this are only possible through our connections with property developers and VIP access exists today, not tomorrow.
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Buying a home is never an easy task. It requires months of research and careful consideration of different purchase options. The process is extremely tedious and requires an individual to visit various outlets in the real estate business. Xondo's platform, in comparison, provides the necessary convenience that the real estate industry has been waiting for, while also keeping its users secure and safe. Xondo's service facilitates its users in many ways. Some of the features provided by the platform are: Xondo is the best platform to buy pre-construction condo projects in Canada. It offers a secured platform that keeps people safe while they invest in the lastest condo projects         2. Snowbase Description: Snowbase is a revolutionary product delivery solution for companies to improve the operational feedback loop that helps their product development teams foster transparency, speed, and accountability across the business during product development lifecycle.
How to beat private investors.
 An investor, engineer and entrepreneur, (Yair Avineri) CEO of Xondo  loves to create all kinds of things, most notably companies and products. Before starting Xondo, Yair was a partner in one of the first real estate portals in israel, he dabbled in a few startups and founded an Engineering Consulting firm together with his brother that specializes in hydrology and thermal solar energy. He managed to build up an ever-growing portfolio of real estate investments with a couple of projects on the side. Like most people that end up in this field of work, he found a need for a system that could help him keep his eye on every detail and task required to get his investment to its next level. This was the main reason for founding Xondo. It took 10 years before he noticed that he had no time for anything else, (and no wife, girlfriend or kids), so he sold his real estate portfolio and became Xondo's CEO.
Become a landlord in 2018
The opportunity is ripe and Austin is in need of investors who can help the city's growing population. Extended SEO Content:According to Trulia, the city's median rent for high-end apartments rose to $1,371 in the first quarter of 2018 – a 26% increase from its 2011 level. This year alone, more than 16,000 new jobs will have been added in Austin and the number of people there looking to rent also is forecast to grow.
Crack the Southeast Asia real estate market.
In major Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines, you can purchase land on the outskirt for a very low price which then can be developed into massive profits. These countries have the perfect foundation for a developing economy, with only one problem... There's no land to build on! By purchasing a plot of land with good infrastructure in one of these countries you can make massive profits once the city is forced to expand. Detroit Land Group purchase properties at market value and/or at auction.The Detroit Land Group is a company specializing in land acquisition; we acquire land on the outskirts of gorgeous Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, which is undeveloped and waiting to develop into condos and houses. This allows us to purchase land at a low price and sell it at a much higher price once the development arrives. This lack of available land drives up rent prices and makes incoming businesses pay an arm and a leg just to get a location they can operate out of. We purchase land from market vendors, from estate holders needing quick cash, and from government agencies (at auctions). The Business Insider published an article about our company in December '14: We provide you with exact GPS coordinates for where our group is buying land at below-market rates. You can then contact us to coordinate in getting a piece of that land. We do not own all of the land that we purchase so we share this real-time information so you can coordinate with us directly in obtaining the perfect piece of property that best suits you.   Polaris Real Estate Group
GRAB your fair share of the $250 Billion Asian real estate market
If you're looking to diversify your investment portfolio, a pre-construction condo is an attractive alternative. With Xondo's platform, you can get the earliest access to these condos, so you can live in the latest and trendiest places before they're complete. Working with Xondo's account managers will ensure that you're kept up-to-date with any information that pertains to the development of your condo. They will also help you coordinate with the developers and make sure that you get the best deal with the best price on your condo unit. With Xondo as your guide, you won't have to worry about coordinating with multiple developers for a single project, so you can easily find your dream condo before anybody else does.
Buy real estate at avoidable prices as a NON-LOCAL investor.
Xondo wants to give you the opportunity to purchase real estate in the finest condos around the world. We also want you to have the chance to purchase these condominium units at a lower price and offer them at better prices, because we don't have the obstacles that developers or Real Estate Agents do, therefore we can pass these savings along to you. Extending SEO Content:Today, 100% of Xondo's target market are End Users and not Local Developers. Above all, Xondo has a team of experts that follow the whole process of finding the most incredible deals on the best condos in cool neighbourhoods. Description: Zazzle is an ecommerce platform that allows shoppers to customize their own products with an online tool. With Zazzle the customer gets to make a one of a kind product from 8 million plus images or 100K plus designs, add text or upload fonts, add his/her own photos, add stickers and shapes, or even work on a WordArt designed for him for free as long as he wishes. To make it tough for other competitors, Zazzle is providing a very different approach when it comes to promoting products. Visitors and customers are able to browse through various products in a way that hones in on only themes that interest them, whether it’s Sports, Music and Entertainment; Personal Machines; Fashion; Holidays; Birthday; Home; News and current events. Zazzle’s featured products page , guides the customers through a wide variety of themes that bring their custom product design ideas to life. Extended SEO Content: zazzle offers more than hats and t-shirts, allowing shoppers to customize an array of products like glassware & coasters, home decor items and accessories, holiday gifts and so much more. With thousands of categories and options, shoppers can add their own photos, text and designs - including No Minimum quantities! zazzle maintains its position on Amazon as a premier canvas printing company since their last pivot from customization clothing brand Threadless.Cloudify makes transforming your business quick and easy by equipping you with the tools needed to elevate your software testing and development processes. Cloudify supports your business from the early stages of software development straight through deployment and scaling. You will be able to build applications faster now than ever before! You will be supported by frequent releases from Cloudify integrated with Kubernetes so related applications can easily interact with each other.SMAC recommends companies use automation for their staging candidate deployments as well as for CD environments for functional testing. Automation solutions should work in harmony with applications to support faster deployment times rather than slow them down. After all, too much time is wasted on IT processes that take operator intensive manual deploys while automation can significantly reduce those times – saving those man hours over time A truly transformational infrastructure automation technology unlike anything in the marketplace today – Platform9 automates existing infrastructure with minimal disruption while using domain-specific languages to describe how your infrastructure should look like, especially avoiding use of either Puppet DSL or Ansible/Chef recipes Written in Go / Google GoCLI compatible Minimal overhead: Capacity utilization goes up as overhead pressure goes down – we avoid use of heavyweight VMs and containerization frameworks New stronger Multi-Release model for faster updates: Security patch updates are applied over an image update model that uses multiple layers instead of current single layer Image model is pluggable (kubernetes/vm/templates): You can apply a new method of doing ‘disk level’ updates (eg: compacting images down via jq ) – discuss in PUBLIC forum We have a bias towards projects that have already published
VIP Access to the Best Pre-construction Condos in Any Major City Globally
Xondo is the best pre-construction VIP access pass for the biggest pre-construction condo projects in the world, all in one place. Xondo provides the best opportunities for investors to purchase the island, penthouse, and penthouses of their dreams. Xondo is an innovative platform that gives all investors VIP access to the best, most highly desired pre-construction condo projects across Canada and around the world.Are you interested in VIP Access to some of the best upcoming condo developments in Canada? Xondo is a new platform that has been developed to provide investors with VIP Access to the finest pre-construction condo projects across the world. These major cities include Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, and more. We offer a unique opportunity for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit prior to any other buyers. At Xondo, we are confident that we can offer you more benefits than any website out there due to our experience in the real estate and travel sectors. We also provide homeowners a wonderful service by offering them access to the most sought after projects that are currently available today. Our account managers are available to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you want VIP access to a pre-construction condo project or want to learn more about Xondo, call us at 1-800-675-8865 or fill out our form here
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Xondo has created a wonderful platform that allows the people a chance to book their dream condo. The simple, clear and interactive properties menu saves your time and money. We offer various features such as Floor Area, High-Res 3D Floor Plans, Pricing Structure and much more. We show you all the information you need before you make that first investment. The team at Xondo is here to help. Our service is prompt and reliable, our agents are experienced and easy to access, and we offer a VIP pass with our upcoming condo developments so that you can be one of the first owners of a newly built property.Xondo is a revolutionary new real estate marketplace dedicated to giving premium users access to some of the most luxurious properties in the world. We work with internationally acclaimed developers on purchases worth millions of dollars while offering our clients top-notch service that is second-to-none. Our platform is aimed at the well-heeled investor and property owner, but everyone is welcome to join via one of our property links on Facebook or Twitter.
Be apart of the hottest condo development in Singapore
Xondo is the most advanced and secure platform designed to give our clients VIP access to upcoming property developments. Our easy to use platform provides our clients with a wealth of information regarding property developments and allows them to secure their future investments.Xondo is a global real estate crowdsourcing platform, who give clients VIP access straight to the hottest new property developments around the world. Xondo is a platform that is changing the way real estate businesses work, by providing investors with unique access to the property developments that are off-market and help them understand exactly what's behind every decision. Having a direct line with developers and various stakeholders will help clients be part of some of the biggest property developments around the world, giving them exclusive deals and new opportunities never seen before. Xondo makes it easy for our clients to search for property investments in various cities and countries across the globe. They have access to information about the developers and guarantees from people that are vested in the project, which can provide them with vital facts they need throughout the buying process, such as the development's timeline and the latest updates straight from the developers. We understand that buying property can be complicated and stressful, but with Xondo our clients have direct access to all of the information they need on one platform, allowing them to make informed financial decisions in an efficient and streamlined way. The amount of knowledge that's available on Xondo is vast, with every client having everything they need at their fingertips. Xondo provides a detailed map of each project while constantly updating information such as construction progress and launch dates. Clients can also see who else has already reserved a unit at a specific development, and will be able to sort listings by price per square foot, giving them pricing comparisons from different locations all over the world. Our unique system allows clients who have logged in to have secure real time contact with developers, managers, and others who are related directly to each individual property, meaning you avoid any time wasted filling out forms or making unreliable enquiries via email or telephone. We ensure that every step from registration to final payment is smooth and efficient, which will give you a truly remarkable user experience when dealing with Xondo. XtraSEO
Pre-construction condos Singapore pre-sale Singapore
 We're not just doing business by selling off units in projects we really believe in. We strongly believe that the properties will be built and you as our customer will have a great investment that will lay solid ground for your future. Xondo main business operations predominantly takes in Canada, and throughout the USA in Miami, New York City and Chicago. However, our spearhead business operations are involved with the latest pre-construction condo projects in major cities around the globe. These cities include Singapore, London, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Abu Dhabi and Tokyo. We're not just dealing with any projects: we're dealing with some of the best condo developments in Asia. Xondo is set apart from other consultants in multiple ways. The selling point of Xondo is based on supply and demand. Before the many of the projects completed, you can secure your unit today. We work with developers in new condo developments to obtain VIP access to units before they go on public sale. Our services are essentially exclusive access to some of the greatest developments across the world and country levels.
Xondo exclusive pre-construction Condo Launch
Exclusive is the keyword for Xondo. As in, the only place for guaranteed first access to limited pre-construction condo deals Skytrain rides from Surrey Central Skytrain station, Yaletown & Pedestrian pathways within a 1-minute walk from Ray-Cam Co-operative Building, Stenness Properties; Nectar Development; and from the major surrounding areas with all Transportation amenities close by, Vancouver Convention centres, Tallest U/C Buildings in Downtown, Canada’s 1st pre-sale ever luxury Condo BC Canada’s 1st Pre-construction Condo building to achieve a LEED certified Gold-level “BC Interior Innovation Award”The Group profiles companies including —home of the live local expert directory and — an online marketplace designed to offer and solicit help and services through personal connections. offers users a real-world marketplace that connects people based on what they have to say (an alternative to anonymous reviews). – Live local experts directory –
Xondo pre-construction Condo Launch Singapore
Luxury condos are in high demand across the globe and today, a booming sector that has captivated even the most sophisticated investors. Given the lucrative returns of properties in the pre-construction condo sector, both investors and homeowners alike have been flocking to the fastest growing sector of residential market. In response to this, Xondo came up with an innovative approach to provide investors and homeowners with VIP access to some of the most sought after projects in Canada and abroad. With more than a decade of experience behind us, we have gained the reputation for offering some of the best luxury condo units. Instead of visiting a dozen of developers' booths at a showflat weekend or speaking to sales agents who probably don't really care, we can show you the most exclusive launches before they are even announced on any online or print media. It is through our unique access to some of the most jaw dropping projects around that we are able to get our hands on some of these spectacular properties. With Xondo, you can invest in these condos without having to worry about additional charges at later stage.
Xondo best deals in condo projects Singapore
Focusing on the Best of the Best units at the Best Condo Projects and Simplify the Process Condo investing got a whole lot easier. With Xondo, you can book your unit, coordinate a closing date and coordinate with the developer to get the best deal on a prime unit today. Xondo gives you a VIP pass to some of the most premium pre-construction condo projects available. With Xondo you can organize a party to view that pre-construction condo project. The best times to view condo projects are weekends, evenings and early mornings so Xondo will set up viewing times for you and your guests in order to coordinate with you. 
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Xondo can help you to find the right locations for investment opportunities in CanadaGlobe and Mail is one of the oldest and most reputable news publication in Canada. That's why when I was asked to write about the article on Xondo for The Globe and Mail, I jumped at the opportunity to spread the word about Xondo. It's great to see a Canadian company taking a big leap and simplifying the process of purchasing a condo unit. I bet a lot of people who read this are going to be interested in what Xondo has to offer because it sounds pretty sweet. Developers like Xondo because the company provides its services at no cost to them. Yet another reason why Xondo is the best way for investors to jump ahead of the crowd and secure VIP access to the best condo units. Globe and Mail reached out to me after reading my previous article on Xondo, titled, "How Permitting Process Accelerators Are Revolutionizing Residential Real Estate Development." Xondo is in good company with over 600 other journalists utilizing The Globe and Mail to reach its entire audience of publishers. If you purchase a property through Xondo, you have access to it right away. You won't have to wait several extra months like other pre-construction condo projects. Xono is an innovative Toronto-based start-up that aims to disrupt existing sub-trends in real estate, partnering with New Development developers, Contractors and Financers — not Agents. Traditionally, real estate agents control the distribution of opportunities to potential buyers – brokers motivated by commissions take trade-ins from developers and transact them on established MLS systems using standard industry models, with little room for innovation or competition. Through mobile-first technology, access to leading developments, amenities and service; investors can buy using the Xono platform direct from developers directly (in most cases) — at prices up to 40% below market value. Xono are disrupting traditional trends by bringing all stakeholders in real estate opportunities under one platform — allowing users to purchase properties from developers directly (in most cases), as they become available, at prices up to 40% below market value. Users get direct access to some of the city’s most sought after developments (without having to deal agents or standard brokers commissions) 2–3 weeks earlier than would otherwise be available–an example highlighted in this video , enabling users who were invited access on February 12th, 2017 for Capital One Condos were able to register interest before Open House events began mid February (normally scheduled for mid-March) — and allowing customers who register potential interest over $100K during this period priority access — pre-reserve their condo — placing themselves in queue over all others who registered later (including those who registered same day). All users of Xono have premium status on the platform including: "Pro" users get full-access to developer’s data & details (condo units/bedrooms/pricing etc.) as soon as they become available — and in most cases, before other sources / media (including registered real estate agents). As this condos are released 2–3 weeks ahead of traditional media and prior to open house events — users can proactively activate their network connections or systems through the platform identifying properties they wish to purchase a good 2–3 weeks before other sources become aware via traditional routes.. Further opportunities: Once a user purchases a condo through the Xono platform, all related condo units owned by that developer are also made accessible via HQ — for example: at Capital One Condos in Toronto, which has 4 phase currently under construction — users will also have access (through the same app purchases via HQ) to register interest that
We provide a service for homeowners who are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today.
Xondo is the next generation of investing in real estate with sophisticated technology for VIP investment opportunities at the pre-construction condo phase. Xondo gives the average investor a front row seat to all the incredible pre-construction condo projects across Canada. We provide developers a channel to engage with their potential clients and organize pre-launch solicitation periods. Our goal is to build long-term relationships and provide comprehensive resources for potential investors and home buyers alike. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities across the globe.
Our account managers will guide you through the process and help you with any questions you have throughout the process. H: Welcome to the world of Xondo!
Xondo Group was established in early 2010, in Canada. It was founded by Howard Hung and Andrew Yip, who have a proven track record working together for the past 9 years, leveraging this knowledge to provide a valuable service for investors to purchase condos at pre-sale prices, and shortening the wait time between design and completion of a building. Xondo's strength is our extensive network, both locally and abroad to source all of the facts and figures, providing an accurate information to clients so they can make the most educated decision possible. Xondo operates globally in Canada, USA and Japan, with a specific interest in Toronto and Vancouver. We work together with leading developers, architects and interior designers from around the world to showcase innovative condo projects from start to finish.
Advance Booking VIP Access to Sexy Pre-Construction Condos
Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. Our account managers will guide you through the process and help with any questions you may have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities across the globe. Xondo Team:
Your Door to the Best Deals on Condos in the Major Cites of the World
We've created a unique system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit. We provide a valuable system for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anybody else can. Xondo has the best pre-construction condo projects in the world, and we've made it our mission to help people invested in real estate make more money. Our accounts managers will guide you through the process and help you with any questions that you have throughout the process. Xondo will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest pre-construction condo projects in Canada and the major cities around the world.Xondo is an online platform that allows investors secure VIP access to some of the best upcoming condo developments across Canada and the biggest and sexiest developments in major cities worldwide. We provide a unique platform for investors to coordinate with developers and obtain their condo unit before anyone else can. Xondo has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and developers as well as homeowners. Our account managers will guide you through the process; we'll answer any questions that you might have throughout the process, from giving you detailed information within your preferred city/province, to offering assistance with your decision on what type of unit you should invest into. We want our clients to invest into pre-construction condos with ease. We take away all stress and confusion often encountered in investing into pre-construction condo projects. We make it a simple, easy, and safe transaction that benefits both you and our future homeowners. Our users will always have a peace of mind knowing they can have faster access by securing their unit prior to its regular on sale date. Xondo makes investing into real estate a simple choice, helping investors view all available projects, take advantage of all information required by choosing one or multiple properties, as well as allocating money to save or invest using our accounts manager system. We offer you a VIP, member-based platform that gives you all of the information that you're looking for, while allowing you to still be able to go through pre-construction condos at your own leisure. We offer one central unit for coordination between investors, developers, and future homeowners, making it easier for you to invest into pre-construction condos around the world!
Exclusive Access for VIP Investors
Xondo is powered by a dedicated team of professionals with a diverse set of backgrounds. They work together to make sure that your experience is as smooth and flawless as possible, and that every dollar you invest always remains completely secure. Xondo has a very passionate team, and advanced technology, to give you the best possible results tailored to fit your individual requirements. We understand the need of our clients and complete your formative needs. From the moment we receive your Inquiry to the moment you receive your VIP access to the World's greatest Condo Developments. We will be by your side baby!Xondo is an online marketplace where investors can secure VIP access to condo developments in major cities around the world before anybody else can. From Toronto to New York City, Xondo provides exclusive access for VIP investors for condo developments across Canada and major cities worldwide. Our account managers will coordinate with developers and obtain VIP access to the best preconstruction sites available. Xondo provides easy access to high-quality condo developments, ensuring that investors are able to take advantage of their property investments in order to gain financial independence for years to come. Our team will provide investors with best services in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and everywhere else in Canada and rest of the world especially any other major cities in Europe rarely approached by other agents or agencies. Contact us now to get exclusive access to VIP Condos in Sales Programs across Canada and around the World !
Easy Access to the Biggest and Sexiest Pre-Construction Condos across Canada
Xondo is here to assist you in all aspects of your real estate journey. Our self-titled "The VIP Pass" will provide you with an easy and hassle-free experience. You no longer have to spend hours and hours on the computer doing your research, our investment team does all of that for you. We take pride in helping our clients, not just finding the best projects, but making sure the process is smooth and seamless. We have a strong group of investors who work together to put our clients first and give back to the community by designing their condos with luxury in mind, helping them build the lives they deserve.
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Purchasing a condo has been carefully researched and considered with the individual client in mind.Purchasing a condo depending on what is available, what you can afford, and where you would like to be is carefully researched and considered in today's risky real estate market. Most of the young adults in North America today prefer to purchase a condo in a city close to nature surrounded by forest and not in the middle of a major city. With tax laws changing every year it adds to the risk involved with purchasing a condo. As we grow older chances of wanting access to amenities such as; shopping mall, grocery stores and restaurants become apparent. Keeping all this in mind is sure to make you an educated consumer when buying a condo. The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to purchasing a condo many buyers find themselves limited when locating the perfect home for their lifestyle. Limited locations, land space, zoning laws and overall cost to build are just a few reasons why buying a condo today is more difficult than it use to be. Purchasing an investment property as our parents generation would purchase stocks back in the day, is quickly becoming one of the best options available on the market today. Extended SEO Title: Xondo | Purchased Your Piece Of Luxury Yet To Be Built Description: Purchasing a Condo has been carefully researched and considered with the individual client in mind. Title: Xondo - Purchased Your Piece Of Luxury Yet To Be Built Content: Purchasing a condo has been carefully researched and considered with the individual client in mind." Description: Purchasing a Condo has been carefully researched and considered with the individual client in mind. Extended SEO Description: Purchasing a Condo has been carefully researched and considered with the individual client in mind , whether that be for business or for personal use . Title : Xondo | The Best Ways To Purchase Pre-Construction Condos In Canada And Worldwide URL : Content: The real estate market has been known to have many trends and fluctuations that have made the markets volatile for investors and given a lot of stress for those "average" home buyers who are looking to purchase their first or second home. However, there is much hope with new technology coming onto the real estate market that will offer new, innovative concierge services that can make finding your dream home easier than ever before. URL Title: What Factors Are Involved In Purchasing Pre-Construction Condos? URL Title: What Are The Steps Involved In The Process? URL Content: Buying a pre-construction condo can be one of the most rewarding investments in your life. Follow these steps as you begin your search for your next home. Research possible trades near where you want to live Make sure that you are realistic about how much you are willing to pay For each potential unit you see, do your own little research regarding their quality and possible maintenance issues, their neighbours, the area they're located and what other units have sold there recently This is so you don't get scammed into buying low quality units before they are built. Examine the condo plans Buyer beware: architects change things all the time during this stage. Pay attention to details that might matter to you, such as how close it's located to amenities (parking, river access etc.) Whether or not it's meant to be a rental unit or not How dues payments will be dispersed Who tends to live there Find out what kind of finishes have been chosen for this development Did someone choose solid hardwood
The Constant Evolution of House of Xondo
Homeowners, investors, and developers came together to create The House of Xondo; a premier location to find any future developers highlighted projects. The name comes from the fact that it is constantly evolving and building as new projects are introduced.We provide news stories and data on the top 10 sellers staying out of the pre-construction condo market. That's a lot of information regarding developers and their plans to add much needed inventory to regional housing markets to help those struggling in places like Toronto and Vancouver where prices are already skyrocketing from current levels. We collect information from developers, builders and industry experts in real time to ensure that our visitors get current news on markets as well as information regarding Canada's top selling condo developments of all time. With this information, owners can make smart investment decisions and know what factors to take into consideration when buying pre-construction units from today's hottest developers. Visit Xondo today to get updated on pre-construction developers, popular condo sectors and new house plans. Get your VIP access today to find out exactly how to get your hands on tomorrow's most coveted condo units with our how-to guide. Do you want to learn more about content specialist?  Read one of the latest trends regarding content creation: The True Story of How an Alligator became an Internet Star Get semi-automatic content reoccurringely using these tools:
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Condo is a great addition to your net worth. Never feel like you have missed out on the best pre-construction units ever again. Xondo's tool will give you access to the best deals on the market WITHOUT ever leaving the comfort of your home. The amount of properties we list in our site is too much to be listed here and so if you are interested in knowing more please check the website where you can learn more about the properties we list and how you can get the unit you have always wanted.
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You know how you’re able to find out the hottest boutiques around town or the top restaurants in your city? Word gets around, telling you where the best nightlife spot is and the latest concert venue. You might take advantage of discount movie passes or join a fan club to get your tickets early. We use our connections to help out with insider access. We have a network of people that have helped us along on life’s journey. People like our parents, our friends, favorite teachers, mentors and influencers. People who provide guidance and help you along the way, to that next level. When your time comes to take the next step, to buy your first house or investment property in the city; who do you think of first? Not Google. Not Yellow Pages. Somebody you know#someone you trust to get you the best deal and access to the best units available. Xondo is a personal concierge service that links you with agents and developers prior to public launch dates. Like any other concierge service we answer questions so you know everything there is to know before your purchase. We coordinate with developers to secure off-market access to inventory so our members can be among the first to buy. Xondo members are immediately informed of future new development launches and events in their local area. We monitor how our agents and developers are marketing properties, we communicate directly with everyone involved so you know exactly what
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Just like the rich kids have their very own temple to play in, you have the most anticipated condo in your community. On you can view the long list of the projects that are currently being developed in your city. We require all developers on our site to with complete transparency guarantee full details of the condo unit/condo developments including specific address/city/province, map/floor plans/Pricing, and launch/move-in dates. We take into account all of these factors so you don't have to. Xondo is a platform that gives investors exclusive access to hard-to-get condo units. You see, exclusive access is everything in real estate - and if you have a huge budget, XONDO may very well be your new playground. With our people working for you on a daily basis, there’s no one better suited to serve the demands of an investor. Features: 1) Exclusive Access: XONDO has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. To obtain a condo unit, it is best to make an investment before everyone else can do it. 2) Upcoming Projects: On you can view the long list of the projects that are currently being developed in your city. We require all developers on our site to with complete transparency guarantee full details of the condo unit/condo developments including specific address/city/province, map/floor plans/Pricing, and launch/move-in dates. XONDO will be your VIP pass to the biggest and sexiest projects in your area. It's time to see which project is on the top of your list and get notified about when it is open for booking! If there is a development that you had your eye on for a while now but haven't been able to book yet, sign up for our notification system! 1) Exclusive Access: XONDO has developed a unique platform that caters to investors and also provides a wonderful service for homeowners that are looking to get into the best pre-construction condo projects today. In order to access and participate in any projects listed on XONDO, we require our members to pay a membership fee on top of purchasing their Canadian visa through our sister company (Xondo Inc.). This fee includes acquirement of information regarding different projects, VIP access to buying opportunities with developers, etc. 2) Upcoming Projects: On you can view the long list of the projects that are currently being developed in your city. We require all developers on our site to with complete transparency guarantee full details of the condo unit/condo developments including specific address/city/province, map/floor plans/Pricing, and launch/move-in dates so you never miss out on an opportunity again! Our system features a killer dashboard where all listed condos can be easily accessed without searching for long hours and scrolling through tons of pages. If there is a development that you had your eye on for a while now but haven't been able to book yet, sign up for out notification system! 3) Exclusive Offers: Regardless if you want to pre-order an apartment or want to purchase a property at its current state and flip it – with XONDO, both opportunities are open for discussion. We work with developers who need funding for their plans and offer investors deals that no one else will be able to get their hands on in this market. Our team has developed complex exclusive offers that allow developers to negotiate with you and vice versa . 4) Updates
1-on-1 consultations with a 3rd party licensed advisor who specializes in pre-construction condos
Tired of spending hours online searching for the best upcoming condominiums in Canada? Xondo is here to save you time, effort, and money. Our team will help you coordinate a consultation with a 3rd party licensed realtor who specializes in pre-construction condos. You'll still be dealing directly with the developer, but Xondo will walk you through the process and manage the relationship between you and the developer so that you don't have to go through all of this alone. This way, you'll have a trusted guide by your side along the way. Do you have questions about pre-construction condos in Toronto? Are you interested in investing in condo units but hesitant to trust the developers? We are here to help make the process easier for you and ensure that your investment goes smoothly. Xondo will provide you with all of the information and communication channels needed to coordinate a consultation with an appropriate 3rd party licensed realtor who specializes in pre-construction condos. The contact email is synced with our internal customer database, so that we can easily identify your needs and reach out to the appropriate developer for consultation. This way, we avoid any confusion or delays that might happen if each customer were to contact the developer directly. We make sure that our customer gets professional responses back from the developers!
Get VIP access to the best condo units before they sell out
Investors & Condo homebuyers now have a resource that puts them in the penthouse of a new development. Homeowners make purchases on our site, allowing investors to buy the remainder of units left unsold from that floor. This system allows developers to sell units at higher value and investors to purchase at special pre-construction prices. The homeowner also saves thousands of dollars in interest and gets their unit financed for 6 months. Our staff will help you navigate the process, as well as any other concerns you may have during the buying process.
The best developers and hottest new developments in major cities across Canada and the world
Get VIP access to pre-construction condo developments in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and across Canada. Join the Xondo revolution!Xondo's revolutionary pre-construction condo platform is the industry standard for home buyers and developers alike to create partnerships for groundbreaking new developments around the world. Homeowners can purchase their unit before it hits the market to make sure they have access to the best new condos coming out in Toronto and Vancouver. For developers, we provide a platform that allows them to fill a large portion of their new condo development before going to market, which ultimately gives them a head-start ahead of their competition. Xondo is your VIP pass to some of the best new condo developments in NYC, Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Who says you have to wait until a new condo development launches to get one of the best units? That's certainly NOT the case with Xondo! Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a steady growth year after year as none or your neighbors will know you went ahead of time! Don't miss out on your dream home – welcome to Xondo! Kooapps Description: Kooapps is a Mobile App Development
Meet key players in the real estate industry and build relationships that will last
There are so many real estate opportunity investors wh o are looking for opportunities on a daily basis. There are few key players in the industry that can give you insight into the best opportunities by connecting you with the right people.The meetings you will attend will consist of developers, investors, architects, designers and trustworthy relationship building people that will help you connect with the right group of people. We will make sure you are provided with VIP access to major developers that have a proven track record of sending units to market that sell. You will also have ample time to meet new friends, connect and build relationships that will last a lifetime! Visit Our
Be one of the most connected condo investors in your city
We've created a convenient, secure and transparent platform that connects our investors to the best developments in their city. The platform provides our client with access directly to the developer and away from the inboxes of sales agents. Whether it be a new pre-construction condo development or an existing one, our clients get to preview listings, book appointments and tour the real estate with a licensed agent. Xondo gets you the best deals on pre-construction condos in Canada and major cities worldwide. Extensive data on trends, sales, supply and demand of various real estate markets globally.Canadian investors looking to capitalize on booming real estate and worldwide investors who wish to diversify into Canada are all connecting and getting access to some of the best pre-construction condo projects before it's too late. By joining Xondo, investors are guaranteed early access and special discounts when units hit the market. We offer a wide range of residences that span from studios/bachelor units to two bedroom units as well as townhomes, penthouses and single family homes. Xondo understands that each investor is unique and requires different resources. That's why we assist in educating our clients on how to conduct due diligence and how to complete their transactions. We keep the platform very secure with only a selected number of agents linked into our system so we can ensure your property will be one that you would want. Join us today and let us be your VIP pass to the hottest pre-construction condos across Canada. Terms:
Become a VIP in today's hot market
 Xondo caters to investors and homeowners that are looking to buy or sell a condo through our pre-construction sales program.  Xondo makes the process easy and streamlined, our account managers will answer any of your questions along the way.  Thousands of investors from the past have made it their priority to use Xondo in their real estate purchases and we anticipate many more to follow suit in the future. We know this current market is hot; there is no need to miss out on being a part of the growth and upsides of the purchasing power in new developments.Are you looking to buy your first condo? As an investor, you're in search of a new project that has not yet been subject to mass purchasing. You have purchased pre-construction condos several times already, but have not found one that offers competitive pricing and is close to an area opportunity or city centre. Many pre-construction condo developments are no longer offering public sales and instead offer pre-construction through the developer itself or privately with exclusive VIP allocations. Many investors who have purchased in the past no longer are able to get into project that they want. Xondos's proprietary platform allows investors and homeowners direct access to new developments across Canada, as well as providing privacy services for bankers and private lenders who are willing to get into high-profile developments prior to them becoming available for public sale. Our unique dealings with developers give us access to the most ideal and desired buildings across Canada whether you're in Ontario, Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Mississauga, Winnipeg and more. Join the VIP list of others who benefited from a high-rise condo and don't miss out on the next great opportunity just because you did not log onto Xondos at the right time of day. Xondos is a member of GPI (Global Property Institute), a market leader for securing VIP allocations in some of the most desirable residences in major cities all over the world. GPI members range from real estate agencies, financial institutions and marketing companies who have achieved the right to be a member of their international network. Xondo is your pass into this exclusive group that can assist you in building upon your latest development, whilst acquiring other noteworthy projects around the globe. Want to learn more? Just register now!Want to be part of the latest craze in Toronto? We have just what you've been looking for! Vinz Onni's new "Landmark" project that is set to become a real landmark in Toronto! The Landmark is made up of over 300 new custom designed luxury residences ranging between 10 and 25 stories. This building will be located directly next to Toronto's vibrant waterfront at Commissioners St East & GO trains at main level and south east corner of Front St East & Symes Rd. We currently own several units in Phase 1 & 2 including 3 Penthouse units that are unrivaled by anything in Toronto! Say hello to Toronto's newest hot spot! Every home owner has seen unprecedented appreciation on every unit. Call today for your VIP opportunity! Look alive Realtor! Whoever sells a unit at The Landmark will make $120,000 commissions doing absolutely nothing! Find out how here!
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Work from anywhere and on any device from our fully cloud-based suite (iPhone, iPad and tablets), or in our Toronto office. Each Friday, you'll be able to keep track of the hours worked...Basically, Xondo is 2 different companies – one that offers opportunities for investors to buy into fantastic condo buildings and the other offers full service to people that are looking to acquire their condos before they become available on the market. Xondo backs big name builders and developers in Canada and around the world (that's discerning) and ensures that they have a complete legal team, financing and marketing team working for them. At Xondo, we serve investors by providing a unique platform that serves several purposes. Xondo is essentially a 'one-stop-shop' for people that need to acquire their new condo unit before anyone else. The process will normally start with an investor applying for financing with Xondo. Xondo then sends the request to one of our designated partners to come back with an offer (it's either a conditional acceptance or a no).   Xondo Investor members receive emails via newsletter detailing upcoming opportunities from our finance partners. Xondo then puts them in touch with the developer, who may be based in Toronto, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Burnaby or even overseas.   Xondo Investor then helps connect these people with other investors that are keen on buying these condos at a premium price. The community then spreads the word among themselves and only Xondo side deals when they take place. LAUNCHFEST 150 The Numbers: Some of you might be interested in statistics... Here are the numbers of the latest Launchfest (150) : Valid Overall: 987 Companies Present: 157 Included CEO's Present: 107 Booths Present: 353 Participants: 3091 Sites Visitors: 6011
Your future is XONDO! is not your typical condo marketplace. XONDO wants to make it easier than ever to quickly and seamlessly connect you with the best pre-construction condo projects across the country.XONDO was developed by Cristian Arteca who recognized the lack of communication and transparency between buyers looking to invest in condos, builders, developers and real estate agents. The majority of real estate agents prefer working with seasoned clients but as a result there many people in Canada who are either unable to purchase or unwilling to spend the time researching condos, worrying about whether or not they are getting a good deal, and having to compete with other investors on the same development during a presale phase. Real estate agents essentially cheat new or inexperienced investors by selling them units at an inflated price and create an artificially high presale price that ultimately results in less profit for the investor. By teaming up with XONDO, real estate agents can maintain an ongoing relationship with their client but have the potential to sell them more properties if the client wants more condo deals. XONDO takes the hassle out of meeting a developer and trying to schedule showings during all hours of the day. With XONDO, you are always on top of all new developments and will have VIP access to hear information about projects and view exclusive insights as a VIP member. If you're ready and excited about making a huge profit on your investment then you should be able to speak directly with the developer and have your questions answered by a representative that has access to all of their knowledge about the project. If you're thinking about making a big investment in a condo development then XONDO wants to give you VIP access before anybody else!